Mida Recorder Gains Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Certification

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Certification builds confidence for companies’ joint customers

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise
Mida Recorder Gains Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Certification

Mida Solutions has announced that Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has certified the company’s voice recording system, Mida Recorder. The company has been working with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise technologies for several years and the official certification process for Mida Solutions’ recording application began during 2020. Mida Solutions sought certification because it wanted joint customers of the two companies to be completely confident that the solution has successfully passed an Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise official interoperation certification.

Mauro Franchin

Mauro Franchin

The Mida Recorder and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise technologies have already been successfully used in several projects in the transportation environment. These include the Hyderabad metro system in India, the Cairo metro and the national railway network in Egypt, the Thessaloniki metro in Greece.

In addition to these transport industry deployments, Mida Recorder has also been used in one of the major Italian press companies to implement an integrated phone-interview system to simplify central storage and content transcription.

The certification recognised both the expertise of Mida Solutions and the functionality of Mida Recorder. “The long experience in the market, with references from all around the world, allows Mida to provide unique expertise and a reliable suite of advanced IP-based services and voice applications, through the Mida eFramework,” says the certification documentation.

The certification document adds that Mida Recorder: … supports all relevant communication technologies involved in the transportation and professional worlds.”

Mida Recorder offers several unique advantages to organisations which include its ability to take advantage of new opportunities enabled by virtualisation. The overall software is independent of the underlying technology and that means it can be based on professional hardware or standard enterprise servers.

In addition, its flexible architecture ensures full scalability with a modular approach that allows organisations to deploy it on either centralised or distributed systems, depending on their resiliency and redundancy requirements.

“We’re delighted to have gained certification for Mida Recorder from Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise,” said Mauro Franchin, CTO at Mida Solutions.

“We think it’s important that our customers and partners can have complete confidence in the performances and capabilities of our products so it’s great to have achieved this milestone. We’re also proud that Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise has recognised the capabilities of our solution and the strengths of our company in this way”




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