Mida Solutions Enter Microsoft Azure Marketplace

The Mida Solutions Cloud Contact Center is available now

Mida Solutions Enter Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Mida Solutions, a leading company in the Unified Collaboration and Communication space, recently announced their arrival within the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Launching in 2004, Mida Solutions delivers high-quality professional communications to teams around the world. The company’s portfolio comes with a complete suite of advanced voice applications and services.

Mida Solutions’ well-established partnerships is how the company continues to deliver excellent innovation based around the market-leading technologies. That’s certainly the case with the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, where Mida is launching its cloud contact centre solution.

The Microsoft Azure Marketplace provides a convenient location where companies can search for Microsoft-approved applications that work with Azure. Customers of Mida Solutions will now be able to unlock the benefits of the highly trusted and credible Azure platform, with Mida’s exceptional contact centre tools.

Introducing the Mida Cloud Contact Centre

Known as C3, The Mida Solutions cloud contact centre is an all-in-one co-sell ready solution. This service, now available within the Azure marketplace, allows users to talk to any system or technology in real-time. You can connect with your systems using the familiar platform of Microsoft Teams.

According to the Founder and General Manager of Mida Solutions, Attilio Licciardello, Mida has partnered with Microsoft for many years now. Over the last few months, the company has been building on and improving its Microsoft Teams offering. The company has seen the incredible growth that Microsoft has achieved in recent years. What’s more, Attilio believes that the demand for Microsoft Teams will only continue to grow in the years ahead.

As more businesses move to a remote working environment, driven by market factors like COVID-19, the need for collaborative tools like Microsoft Teams has begun to skyrocket. Mida Solutions feels that the contact centre solution they can offer will complement the tech stack of anyone already using Microsoft Teams. The cloud contact centre on the Azure marketplace is one of the leading solutions available for large enterprises and SMBs alike, according to Attilio.

Companies hoping to use Microsoft Teams as a full platform for unified communications can benefit from the flexibility of the C3 solution. This flexible and agile contact centre works seamlessly with other products from Mida too, such as the Mida Recorder for compliant recording, and the Mida Attendant Console. The Attendant Console is also fully integrated with Microsoft Teams console and will be available in App Source soon.

Creating a Full Microsoft Teams Experience

The cloud contact centre in the Microsoft Azure marketplace can talk natively with leading CRM tools from around the world. This includes access to Dynamics and Salesforce, among others. Integrations with leading tools will add more context to the customer conversation for businesses using Mida Solutions.

What’s more, to guarantee a better compatibility level and a lower cost of ownership, Mida wanted to make sure that it’s quick and easy for customers to establish their new cloud contact centre. The quick set up and direct download from Microsoft Azure Marketplace will help companies to jump into action as fast as possible.

The Senior Director of the Microsoft Azure Platform, Sajan Parihar, said that the team is thrilled to be welcoming Mida Solutions to the growing ecosystem of the Azure Marketplace. The Azure Marketplace is there to help companies find applications and tools that they can trust, all certified for excellent performance with Azure.

All applications and tools available within the Azure Marketplace are ready to use within and alongside the Microsoft ecosystem.

The Full Mida Experience

The Mida cloud contact centre solution can also come with other UC products from Mida, which are available to access separately in the Azure Marketplace. These solutions include:

  • Mida Recorder: A completely web-based solution for recording conversations. This recording service ensures compliance for business leaders and allows admins to get complete control over their recorded data. The integration available with leading CRMs also means that you can search for and play recordings from conversations with customers.
  • Mida Attendant: This web-based attedant console has a UI that’s shaped for the daily activities administrators, receptionists, and secretaries. You can access the client from anywhere with your browser, making it ideal for those who might be working remotely. This service will soon be in App Source

To learn more about the Cloud Contact Centre experience offered by Mida, you can visit the Azure Marketplace, or the Mida Solutions website.


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