New Features From the Apple and Cisco Partnership

What’s new for Cisco and Apple following on from last year’s partnership agreement?

New Features From the Apple and Cisco Partnership

It might be difficult to believe that a year has passed since the media was talking about the initial customer services that came from the Cisco and Apple partnership. Initially, the company collaboration began by integrating enterprise calling, optimising better WiFi experiences for the iPad and iPhone on Cisco networks, and boosting critical business applications. The partnership has been very successful, with heavy adoption across a range of industries, including retail and healthcare.

Finally, we have a new insight into what’s coming next from the world of Cisco and Apple, and with some luck, these new innovations will help to make the services even more effective for a range of businesses.

Broader Support for Devices on Cisco Networks

First of all, Cisco plans to widen the amount of support given to Apple devices that have been optimised to work across Cisco networks. Regardless of the specific Apple device in question, Cisco believes that companies need devices that they can simply rely on to work, regardless of their endpoint.

Cisco recently extended the “fast lane” solution for business-critical applications into MacOS. This should give customers the opportunity to be more efficient and productive while working on the device that they prefer. That means whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you should have better functionality, even when in a congested network.

Effortless Meetings for iOS

Cisco also plans to offer more effortless meetings through Cisco WebEx and Cisco Spark through Safari and iOS. This development builds upon the company’s commitment to offering seamless experiences for companies, enhancing the way that Cisco WebEx and Spark will be able to make the most of iOS 11 in a collection of significant ways, including:

  • Cisco WebEx and Cisco Spark meetings will only be a tap away from your iOS calendar and meeting notifications
  • When you join a Cisco meeting from an iOS device, you will be able to seamlessly share your screen with other meeting participants in real time
  • People who don’t often use Cisco Spark, and guests of Cisco WebEx will also have an opportunity to seamlessly join meetings on Safari using full video, audio, and presentation viewing

Cisco and Apple: Working Together

Finally, Cisco will also be working with Apple and their community of developers to help ensure that they can take full advantage of all the company’s latest innovations. Cisco DevNet, for instance, will help iOS developers to quickly validate their enterprise level applications for the Fast Lane and implement Cisco Spark voice and video into the apps.

Businesses can now reach out to their Cisco account team if they want to be among the first people with the permission to try out these brand new features.


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