New ForgeServe Solution Available at ScanSource

Swoop Datacom joins forces with ScanSource

New ForgeServe Solution Available at ScanSource

Leading developer of state-of-the-art service and lifecycle management tools, Swoop Datacom recently announced a new collaboration with ScanSource, a leading provider of technology solutions. ScanSource is known for their wide range of UC&C systems, cloud and telecom services, and payment strategies which support businesses around the world in their quest for better customer service.

Now, the new relationship between ScanSource and Swoop Datacom will mean that all of the ScanSource resellers throughout Europe will be able to access the impressive “ForgeServe” system from Swoop Datacom. ForgeServe is the multi-tier, award-winning lifecycle management and device provisioning platform that differentiates Swoop Datacom from its communication competitors. The ForgeServe system will complement the IP, and AV endpoints crucial to many trusted ScanSource suppliers.

Simplifying and Enhancing Lifecycle Management

ScanSource-DMS-launchForgeServe has gained popularity quickly throughout the world for its ability to simplify complicated technology and make best-of-breed solutions more accessible. As part of the ScanSource roadmap, ForgeServe will give partners the freedom to make their IP device deployments more streamlined and cost-effective. Through advanced management and provisioning services, ScanSource partners will be able to significantly enhance their deployment solutions, while minimising overheads.


The ForgeServe solution isn’t just excellent at improving device deployment, it will also provide partners with the enhanced abilities that they need to stand out in a competitive environment. Service providers and resellers will be able to manage the device estates of their customers from a distance, using features like zero-touch support and real-time change control. The strategy will mean that partners can eliminate many of the traditional costs common with service management while offering better support opportunities to clients.

A Huge Opportunity for Resellers

According to the CEO of Swoop Datacom, John Bennett, ScanSource “prides itself on having one of the largest and most prosperous communities of distributors and resellers”. The ScanSource network frequently deploys large numbers of IP devices, and the new partnership will mean that Swoop Datacom can start to simplify things for those resellers, using ForgeServe to enhance their portfolio.

The new solution from ForgeServe will be made available with immediate effect through ScanSource, so all partners going forward will be able to embrace the cost-saving features of a new go-to-market strategy. In a discussion about the new partnership, Paul Emery, the ScanSource VP of cloud solutions and services said that the innovative solution will be a crucial improvement for partners.

According to Emery, ScanSource is continuously searching for new solutions and technology innovations that can help resellers and partners alike to enhance the services that they offer their end customers while reducing unnecessary operating expenses. The ForgeServe system will be a fantastic addition to the ScanSource roadmap, helping partners to simplify their deployments while increasing profit margins.


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