Nureva Plans to Demonstrate “Transformative Solutions” at InfoComm

Award-winning company showcases "Transformation"

Nureva Plans to Demonstrate “Transformative Solutions” at InfoComm

A company designed around the ever-constant quest for business problem-solving, Nureva has earned multiple awards over the years for their creative team and collaboration solutions. Recently, the innovative organisation hit the news with an update about their upcoming appearance at the Las Vegas-based InfoComm 2018. Between the dates of June 6th and June 8th, 2018, Nureva will be demonstrating a range of new “transformative” solutions, including the upgraded Span visual collaboration software, the new Nureva Wall WM5080i system, and the Dual HDL300 audio system.

At booth N1276, visitors can discover have Nureva’s latest state-of-the-art solutions could empower their teams to work more efficiently within the evolving enterprise. What’s more, you can even sign up as a dealer for the new products.

Head Down for a DX Demonstration

InfoComm 2018 will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center
North and Central Halls

Attendees of InfoComm – the largest AV tech show in the US, will be able to hear, see, and explore the possibilities of Nureva’s new solutions in a full demonstration at their booth. The company will be hosting two special press events, and you can also get in touch to schedule press briefings outside of the two noted sessions at 10 am on June 6th, and 11 am on June 7th.

One of the new products that Nureva will be showing at their booth is their visual collaboration solution, which combines the Nureva Wall, with the “Span” collaborative software. Apparently, the combined technology is designed to support the highly collaborative activities in the workforce that might benefit from agile thinking and interacting with information on a large surface. The Span software offers a cloud-based canvas which can be tailored to suit almost any activity, drawing on simple and state-of-the-art tools like images, sticky notes, and screen sharing.

With the Nureva visual collaboration system, participants can choose how they want to interact with content, with options to work through their personal smartphones or tablets, connect on a computer, or even work with the interactive display in person. The Nureva Wall creates huge interactive surfaces that instantly offer high-performance digital workspaces. Not only is the wall set up to work perfectly with Span software, but it can also integrate with Adobe products, Microsoft Office, and AutoCAD software too.

Find Out More at InfoComm

Aside from the visual collaboration solution mentioned above, Nureva will also be showcasing their HDL300 audio conferencing system, which is intended to fix the problematic issue of poor audio pickup – particularly in environments where there might be multiple participants walking around the room. When combined with the Span system for visual collaboration, the HDL300 can offer both video and audio playback.

Nancy Knowlton, Nureva’s CEO.

Nancy Knowlton, Nureva’s CEO.

Perhaps the most exciting component of the audio system is its patented Microphone Mist tech, which essentially creates 8,192 virtual microphones around the conference room, to pick up the best quality of sound from every angle. According to Nureva, the system uses some of the most sophisticated algorithms around to process incredible sound and provide everyone involved in the meeting with a next-level listening experience, supported by echo cancellation, autocalibration, and sound masking. The system works with everything from Zoom technology, to Skype for Business, Cisco Webex, BlueJeans, GoToMeeting, and more.

This is Nureva’s third time in a row attending the InfoComm conference, and according to the CEO, Nancy Knowlton, they’re thrilled to be back. The company is looking forward to not only showcasing the latest advancements in their portfolio but also engaging with a broad network of end-users and resellers.


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