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Out Loud: Balancing CX & Security with Comm100

Looking at the best ways to ensure that Customer Experience innovations maintain customer security and privacy

Out Loud: Balancing CX & Security with Comm100

Patrick was joined by special guest Jeff Epstein, VP of Product at Comm100.

Jeff tells Patrick that as technology has improved and more innovation has entered the realms of customer service the amount of customer data that organisations have to hold has increased vastly. This increase in data retention places a greater burden on organisations to ensure that customer security and privacy is maintained.

“As customer experience became more technologically enabled, that really brought the security question to the surface”

“What are customers doing to protect themselves and what are brands doing to keep data private and keep data secure.”

There have been various high profile data sovereignty cases globally and this has raised awareness within consumer markets. Jeff explains that the number of security threats has increased with the latest developments in technology being used in a malicious fashion. This has also been heightened by changing consumer demands in terms of communication methods. Customers want to be able to contact organisations through a variety of means at all times.

“Customers want to connect with brands wherever and whenever they need. Really only digital channels like live chat and text messaging can meet those expectations.”

This shift in consumer demand has increased the number of communication routes and therefore businesses now have to protect and secure a wider spectrum of channels. Digital omnichannel communication offer consumers more flexibility in terms of their preferred contact with a business and this has become a crucial factor for those organisations who want to provide the most convenient and effective service.

Jeff Epstein, Comm100

Jeff Epstein, Comm100

Patrick and Jeff examine particular industries that might be more susceptible to data security breaches. Although the markets that traditionally have more rigorous compliance requirements, such as the finance and legal sectors, are still at the fore, security now has to be considered by every industry vertical.

Finally Patrick asks Jeff for his tops tips when choosing customer service platforms to make sure they offer the security and compliance required. Jeff knows that it varies company by company, depending on their own requirements, but it is also important to consider a few general principles regardless of specific requirements.

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Presenter Patrick Watson and special guest Jeff Epstein of Comm100.

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