Out Loud: Cisco Collaboration Summer Update

Our regular Cisco collaboration podcast bringing you all the latest news from the world of Cisco with updates on the Webex Teams platform

Out Loud: Cisco Collaboration Summer Update

Patrick is joined by expert Cisco guest Jonathan George, who is a Pre-sales Consultant at MeetingZone, to take us through all of the latest news and updates before the end of Cisco’s financial year.

After the usual pleasantries Jonathan takes Patrick through the main headlines from the summer from a Cisco perspective. Johnathan explains that the summer is usually a quiet time for Cisco as the end of July is Cisco’s fiscal year end.

There are some updates on the Webex Teams platform though, despite the summer lull. Cisco are still focussing on creating the simple most effective meeting experience. They have worked to ensure the platform, in terms of Webex, makes meetings as simple as possible.

“When you join the meeting it’s very much video first and I think that is an amazing change that Cisco have made, really to create that meeting experience that people now expect.”

Jonathan George Out Loud

Jonathan George, Pre-sales Consultant at MeetingZone

Jonathan tells Patrick about the new audio expansion. For customers with the correct audio packages then they will now have access to 72 toll free countries and 45 toll countries, Cisco have also added Saudi Arabia and the UAE to the call back feature. Providing PSTN connections in these areas opens the platform up to even more people.

Cisco have also increased the number of devices supported and the total is now up to 100.

Finally Jonathan and Patrick discuss some changes that have been implemented on the Webex Teams UI. They have removed a section that was reserved for content sharing and maximised the meeting area, content sharing is still allowed and appears as and when required. Cisco have also not implemented some changes after reacting to feedback from customers during testing.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and expert guest Jonathan George.

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