Out Loud EXCLUSIVE: Cisco in the Clouds with Snorre Kjesbu

Listen to our exclusive interview with Cisco Collaboration executive Snorre Kjesbu

Out Loud EXCLUSIVE: Cisco in the Clouds with Snorre Kjesbu

Snorre and Patrick discuss the importance of Cisco being able to participate in partner events like ‘Spark the Future’. Snorre explains that direct feedback from their customers is critical to their success.

We then look at the strategy from Cisco of agility. In such a rapidly changing market it is critical for Cisco to be able to react quickly and offer the most cutting edge solutions to their partners and customers.

‘Our goal is to make our technology as invisible as possible’

Cisco are trying to maximise the use of emerging technologies like AI, Snorre considers the future development of solutions that will utilise advancing AI solutions.

Finally we look ahead to UC Expo which will UC Today will be covering and Snorre will be one of the keynote speakers.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guest Snorre Kjesbu.

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