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Out Loud: Ericsson-LG Enterprise GPC 2018, Bringing the Family Together

We speak to Ericsson-LG Enterprise to understand their messaging from their Global Partner Conference 2018

Out Loud: Ericsson-LG Enterprise GPC 2018, Bringing the Family Together


Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guests, Chief Executive of Ericsson-LG Enterprise, Patrick Johansson and Ahed Alkhatib their Vice President for Global Sales and Marketing.

Firstly Patrick asks Patrick Johansson about the main focus for the conference. He explains that the GPC is a huge opportunity to gather together their partner family and understand their individual markets.

“It’s a good opportunity for us to grow and leverage everyone’s experience and that’s really what it’s all about. Bringing the family together once a year.”

The GPC is a focused event where the partners in attendance work closely with Ericsson-LG Enterprise around their most innovative solutions. One of the main focuses has been digital transformation (DX). Patrick explains that they approach this differently to try and assist their partners. Making the solution options, and use cases, as simple as possible is crucial to their ethos. Both Patrick and Ahed recognise that Ericsson-LG Enterprise are in the process of digitally transforming themselves and that allows them to understand many of the situations facing their partners. The balance between developing news solutions and also maintaining their focus on existing solutions is challenging one to find. Ahed explains that the differences in solution preference varies massively depending on the global market place.

“The transformation to cloud, in terms of the financial model change, has not been the challenge for us. It’s really been making sure we get that strategy right and that engagement right with the partner to capitalise on those opportunities that exist.”

Ericsson-LG Enterprise also have approached the development of their solutions from a different perspective. There has been a lot of acquisition and consolidation within the industry, where other companies have acquired new businesses to round of their portfolios. Ericsson-LG Enterprise have developed their own solutions in each of the different UC areas which has given them a unique visibility across the platforms.

Ahed also discusses the integration between different technology platforms and vendors. Traditionally there has not been a huge amount of collaboration whereas now more and more providers are opening their platforms so that they can integrate across the entire technology stack.

One of the biggest technology trends has been the rise of collaborative solutions. Patrick and Ahed are examining the market in detail to try and ensure that their collaboration solutions will cater for their customers in each of their global markets. There will also so be development within the contact centre space and Patrick asks the guys how important that aspect will be as part of their entire portfolio.

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Presenter Patrick Watson and special guests Patrick Johansson and Ahed Alkhatib.


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