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Out Loud: Kollective Technology at Microsoft Ignite

UC Today speak to Kollective CEO, Dan Vetras, about their business and attendance at Microsoft Ignite 2018

Out Loud: Kollective Technology at Microsoft Ignite

Patrick was joined by special guest and CEO of Kollective, Dan Vetras, during Microsoft Ignite 2018.

Dan Vetras, CEO, Kollective

Dan Vetras, CEO, Kollective

Patrick and Dan first up discuss Ignite, it is one of Microsoft’s largest gatherings and partners, like Kollective, are crucial to the entire experience.

Microsoft Teams has been at the forefront of the event and this is massively encouraging for Kollective as their platform can really help organisations who are struggling to integrate sites with poor connectivity provision.

Dan tells Patrick about some of their latest releases. Kollective can now integrate into Teams, Stream and Yammer.

“So now directly from within any of those Microsoft applications, you can securely and at scale deliver live meeting events. This is a big, big coming out party for Microsoft as well as ourselves.”

Patrick and Dan discuss Teams and the collaboration space in general and Dan thinks it may now be the biggest area of technology.

Dan gives us an overview of Kollective’s history and explains their value proposition to the enterprise. Their platform can radically transform an enterprise organisation’s ability to connect sporadic, remote sites. The issue of limited connectivity is surprisingly widespread around the world. The other remedies are either astronomically expensive for customers or massively impractical, that makes Kollective’s peer to peer solution massively appealing.

“We have never met a large organisation, or small, that has global locations that doesn’t have bandwidth issues, moving from content from one branch office to another – we are a long way from this problem being solved.”

Kollective have also expanded their capability is terms of analytics and Dan explains to Patrick some of the benefits of this and how important this is to the enterprise market.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guest Dan Vetras.

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