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Out Loud: Mitel in the Cloud at CCW18

During Customer Contact Week 2018 we hear from Mitel to get a look at their latest cloud contact centre offerings

Out Loud: Mitel in the Cloud at CCW18

Patrick was joined at the event by special guest Senior Product Portfolio Manager at Mitel, Matthew Clare.

Matthew first describes the existing Mitel portfolio in the CCaaS arena. At the show they were displaying various solutions all designed to enhance CX provision through their customers. Mitel are very keen to show delegates the genuine, real world use cases focusing around omnichannel communication.

Emerging technologies are also a huge focus for Mitel and they were able to demonstrate various examples of the use of IoT.

“Based on some of the latest cloud UC reports, we are number two market share worldwide. “

Matt then explains that with the changing landscape of the contact centre, enabled by cloud solutions, we may see the traditional model of contact centres transforming.

“Everybody (within a business) is customer service affecting”

Out Loud Matthew Clare Mitel

Matthew Clare, Mitel

Patrick then asks Matt if we are currently in a hybrid era. Mitel have a huge customer base so are able to understand the existing market and appreciate what customers are asking for in terms of cloud deployments. Matt explains that there are a number of reasons for Mitel customers to move into the cloud but possibly the most common is the desire for flexibility within their contact centres.

Matt also looks into the future of the contact centre and explains how important Mitel’s research and development is to enable those future developments.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guest Matthew Clare.

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