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Out Loud: UC Awards 2018 – a 360 Degree Customer View with Diabolocom

Diabolocom join Patrick in this episode of Out Loud to update us on their year so far and their plans for the future

Out Loud: UC Awards 2018 – a 360 Degree Customer View with Diabolocom

Patrick was joined by special guest Frédéric Durand, founder and CEO of Diabolocom. Frédéric explains that in 2018 Diabolocom released their latest generation contact centre platform and that has enabled them to offer a host of new features and functions to their customers to improve their own customer interaction. The latest versions also offers seamless CRM integration and data analytics to further enable Diabolocom users to improve customer service.

“The idea, is to use the data from our customers to predict the next best actions.”

The new generation platform has been well received widely around Europe, by existing and new customers, with Diabolocom focusing on usability to make it as simple as possible. CRM integrations have also been a key target with Diabolocom expanding their capability to work within various popular CRM platforms. As well as releasing new products Diabolocom have also been expanding their physical presence around Europe with various local sites being opened in new territories in the UK, Spain and Germany. Since Frédéric founded Diabolocom in 2005 there have been dramatic changes in the ideology of customer service provision within business. “They (businesses) realise that it is key for their long term development and their profitability because nowadays with the internet and all the information that is available everywhere, when a customer engages with a brand the decision to buy goods or services is already made by 90% – so customer experience is definitely key for companies.”

Frédéric also explains that with the development of customer experience the number of interactions between a consumer and a business is increasing, maybe not in the traditional medium of voice communication, but across the board of different communication methods. Diabolocom can utilise all of these channels to really understand the customer and create a 360 degree view of their interaction with a brand. Finally Patrick asks about the main targets for Diabolocom going forward. Frédéric aims for them to continue the expansion around Europe but also move into the United States and Asia by the end of 2019. All of this will happen in conjunction with continued development of their platform. Listen on your daily commute, whilst walking the dog, or in the gym. UC Today – Out Loud provides bite size podcasts, bringing you all of the latest communication and collaboration news. Rate, review, share on Apple Podcasts, and Buzzsprout, and join the conversation on LinkedIn, Twitter and email. Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guest Frédéric Durand, founder and CEO of Diabolocom.

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