PGi Launch Essential Webinar Series

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PGi Launch Essential Webinar Series

PGi, a market leader in business communications and workplace productivity solutions, recently announced the arrival of their new webinar series. The company, known around the world for helping people to connect in a more intelligent and intuitive environment, revealed that the series would begin this month. The webinar collection covers the topic of “Competing Smarter” with a business communications platform.

According to the founder of Recon Research, Ira M. Weinstein, the webinar selection is a fantastic way for smaller businesses to gain an objective insight into the benefits of an advanced UC solution. PGi will highlight how today’s companies can improve productivity with a cloud-based, integrated approach to communications that’s easier to deploy and use. Weinstein noted:

“Whether you’re just learning about these solutions, have yet to purchase a phone system, or have already started down the path toward a converged communications experience, this webinar will explain how UC tools will benefit not only your organisation, but your employees as well”

What to Expect from the Webinar Schedule?

The first official session in the PGi webinar series starts on the 13th of August at 11 am (EST), with guidance on How to Boost your Business Communications Agility from Ira Weinstein.

Following sessions include:

  • To Cloud or Not to Cloud: 20th of August at 11 am (EST), presented by Ira Weinstein
  • The GlobalMeet Advantage: 27th of August, 10 am (EST), presented by Pat Harper (CTO of PGi)

The CTO of PGi, Pat Harper, also commented on the upcoming webinar series, saying that UC tools have been beyond the reach of many small to mid-sized companies for a long time now. However, as the business landscape has evolved over the years, new doors have opened for smaller companies. Through the webinars that PGi has created for its customers, the brand now has a way to offer a better education to companies who want to discover the benefits of mobile, affordable, and portable business communications through the cloud.

Levelling the Playing Field

Ira Weinstein

Ira Weinstein

PGi expects to give their audience an insight into how smaller brands can use the cloud-based solutions on the market today, like GlobalMeet, to level the playing field, and interact with customers just as professionally as larger companies.

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, it’s essential for every business, no matter how small, to consider their options for agility and growth. Technology like cloud communication platforms gives smaller brands the power to tap into the efficiency and productivity that used to belong to larger enterprises. With PGi’s webinar series, companies from all backgrounds can discover what it feels like to unlock next-level communications.

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