PiPcall Launches New Mobile-Only Business Phone

Rebekah Carter

A new mobile only business phone system

PiPcall Launches New Mobile-Only Business Phone

PiPcall, the brand best known for creating the “Phone in a Phone”, or “PiP” telecoms solution for businesses, recently launched a new offering. The new “PiPoffice” solution is the UK’s first mobile-only system for business phone calls, delivered in an app optimized for UX. The PiPoffice environment supports users in gaining additional freedom to work from anywhere, whether they’re at home, on the move, with a client, or in the office.

The solution requires no connection to a desk and comes with all the functionality and features of the traditional desk phone system. Business phone features range from conference calling and call recording, to IVR, voicemail, ring groups, and call logging.

PiPoffice calls are solely made via mobile networks to ensure the best quality of carrier-grade calling in any environment. The technology seperates personal and business activity on a device and tracks calls to be charged to the organisation, reducing the risk of accidental charge to the user.

A New Era of Mobile Business Phone

Despite offering a wide range of features and functionality, PiPoffice incurs very little battery capacity usage. Commenting on the launch of the new technology, Simon Hochhauser, the CEO and founder of PiPcall, said the trend in telecoms is increasingly moving towards mobile first interactions. In today’s ecosystem, traditional enterprise phone systems are rarely fit for purpose.

Employees are less likely to want to be tethered to a desk or phone system during their day-to-day interactions. PiPoffice addresses this fact, and each installed app comes with a Direct Dial-In business number, contact information, business calls, and call records all remain separate on the device. PiPoffice will also not be able to collect any data from personal apps, contact information, or data on the phone.

The PiPoffice app is available for Android and iOS devices. You can also access the technology as part of the PiPoffice hybrid phone offering, including desktop app and support for a desk phone, providing teams with features from a multitude of endpoints accessing the same number. The PiPoffice app can also integrate with common applications in the business landscape, like Salesforce, Zoho, and Microsoft Teams.

According to Hochhauser, as the UK gradually makes its way out of lockdown, employees want flexibility, mobility, and the means to work easily from a range of locations – not just the office or home environment. PiPoffice delivers this flexibility and mobility at scale. A free trial is already available for UK businesses to try.




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