PureLiFi Delivers 2nd Gen Li-Fi Wireless Network

New LiFi enabled networks hit the market

PureLiFi Delivers 2nd Gen Li-Fi Wireless Network

pureLiFi, a technology company focused on light communications, recently announced that they would be providing their pioneering technology in a new range of popular Lucibel Luminaire Li-Fi products. These digitally-enhanced network solutions will provide consumers with faster, more efficient connected wireless networks to support agile growth.

Since 2014, pureLifi has experienced exceptional year-on-year quarterly growth, with increases in revenue of over 300%. Today, the company maintains partnerships with many leading organisations, including Cisco, the Independence Blue Cross, and Rolls Royce.

The New Lucibel LiFi Luminaire Range

The original pureLiFi range of Li-Fi enabled lights were launched by the French company Lucibel, a company responsible for designing and manufacturing next-generation lighting solutions based on LEDs.

The second generation of the Lucibel Li-Fi products delivers new functionality and even faster connections for modern companies. The pioneering Li-Fi technology enables access to the internet through light taken from the central light cone. This next-level product for Lucibel and pureLifi will boost both form factor and ease of use for the product. What’s more, the second generation allows for a boost in internet speeds of around 54 Mbps compared with 42 Mbps for the original product.

Along with enhanced speed, other updated features for the wireless networks include an increase to the number of users that can simultaneously use the same secure connection.

A Revised Design for Lighting and Connectivity

The second-generation range of Lucibel Li-Fi products was revised by Lucibel to provide better flow between the connectivity and lighting functionalities of the technology. What’s more, Li-Fi Luminaires now come with access to integrated Power over Ethernet technology, which eliminates the need for electrical cables to use the system.

The CEO of pureLiFi, Alistair Banham congratulated Lucibel on the successful launch of a second generation of industry-ready Li-Fi Luminaire products. PureLifi was thrilled to provide the technology for the system once again, which now has a more efficient and 30% faster module complete with easy integration into the exceptional Lucibel design. The result is a new product that’s more viable than ever as a solution providing access to the internet through light technology.

Celebrating the New Generation

The Lucibel team is excited to continue selling a new generation of exceptional light-focused connectivity products. In a press release about the new generation, the CEO and founder of Lucibel, Frederic Granotier, said that the launch of the second generation will allow Lucibel to continue pioneering in the creation of lighting Li-Fi products.

The unique range of enhancements in the new lighting solution is sure to delight more than 100 customers who already appreciate and use the first generation of Lucibel technology. Lucibel noted that they were pleased to be working with pureLiFi once again on the connectivity solutions of the future.


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