QED Advanced Systems Introduces Qubi3: A Low-Cost Room-Booking Technology

New low-cost room and desk-booking technology

QED Advanced Systems Introduces Qubi3: A Low-Cost Room-Booking Technology

UK-based technology company, QED Advanced Systems, used the Microsoft Ignite conference to launch their new low-cost room and desk-booking technology Qubi3. The new tech promises to reduce business real estate costs and increase the efficiency and flexibility of the modern workforce.

QED Advanced Systems already has a reputation in the room-booking space for their ResourceXpress solutions. The latest tech builds on the highly-commended technology of the Qubi2, a widely-used desktop device that helps clients to improve the way they utilise office space.

The Qubi3 device is a compact solution that’s compatible with RFID multi-frequencies and can be deployed in any meeting room environment – including huddle spaces. The Qubi3 tech connected with the ResourceXpress dynamic Kiosk app to leverage powerful tools for searching out and booking meeting rooms within the office.

What to Expect from the Qubi3

The Qubi3 is a clever compact device equipped with a 3.21-inch OLED touchscreen display. The device can easily be applied in hotdesking and meeting room environments, and it works within on-prem, private cloud and SaaS environments, offering compatibility with IBM Notes, Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, and many other popular booking systems.

For companies concerned about security, the Qubi3 has no malware or virus vulnerabilities, thanks to its hard-coded service which doesn’t rely on an operating system. Additionally, the Qubi3 provides a highly scalable workspace, complete with authorized check-in and check-out, on-demand booking, and a solution to the problem of “no-show” bookings too. The LED countdown feature on the Qubi3 also provides a quick at-a-glance indication of the future availability of specific rooms or desk spaces.

Another significant feature that the Qubi3 offers is that like all ResourceXpress products, it can also be tailored to work according to organisational needs. Users can pick and choose the features that suit them, which means that QED Advanced Systems can avoid the one-size-fits-all approach to room booking. The Qubi3 starts with an entry-level template, and companies can simply add as much or as little functionality as they like.

Achieving Real Estate Savings with Qubi3

Companies around the world are experiencing significant real-estate savings with the technology provided by room-booking services like Qubi3, according to QED Advanced Systems. The Business Development Director of ResourceXpress, Andy Fisher noted in a press release that office hoteling is quickly becoming the next logical step for companies that operate in an “agile” environment.

Qubi3 is designed to be incredibly accessible and easy to use so that anyone can set up and book an office or desk in no time. QED Advanced Systems believe that their Qubi3 solution serves the part of the industry that needs a device that can multi-task for booking huddle, meeting room, and desk environments.

Already, the Qubi3 team is managing a host of requests from clients who are eager to see how they can reduce their cost of ownership. QED Advanced Systems claims to be able to save companies 50% of the total cost of ownership of conventional meeting room touch screens.

Available to View at Ignite

The new Qubi3 system will be on display at the Microsoft Ignite conference, alongside the other innovative products in the ResourceXpress range, which include the industry-leading meeting room screen “Aura.”

QED Advanced Systems re looking forward to showing Microsoft partners how they can take advantage of Qubi3.


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