Ribbon Communications Secures Leadership Position with IHS Markit Accolade

Ribbon comes out on top with IHS Markit

Ribbon Communications Secures Leadership Position with IHS Markit Accolade

Ribbon Communications, a company with more than two decades of market leadership in the areas of real-time communications and reliable UC, recently announced their latest claim-to-fame in the industry. Well-renowned global information provider, IHS Markit has announced that the key solutions from Ribbon’s core network modernisation product establishes the brand as a leader in the categories of SBC, Trunk Media Gateways, and Core Softswitch.

Ribbon’s solutions were all ranked either first or second for global market share according to IHS, during the fourth quarter of 2017. This is a huge achievement for Ribbon, who currently delivers unified and reliable communication capabilities to customers across more than 25 countries.

Ribbon’s Leadership Position

Over the years, Ribbon Communications has earned a powerful reputation for their cloud-based architectures, secure solutions, and highly productive communications services. The communication strategies offered by Ribbon are based on a platform of big data analytics, and they offer customers an enhanced insight into security and network intelligence, giving every company the opportunity for growth.

According to the senior research director for IHS Markit, Diane Myers, as the landscape for multimedia subsystems and Voice over IP continues to grow more competitive, Ribbon’s portfolio within the Softswitch, Trunk Media Gateway, and Session Border Controller (SBC) areas really helps to set the brand apart. Ribbon allows today’s customers to move through their digital transformation (DX) journeys with ease, providing a full and steady migration to a range of fully-virtualized solutions for success.

A Sensational Shout out for Ribbon

Patrick Joggerst

Patrick Joggerst, the Chief Marketing Officer for Ribbon Communications

According to Diane Myers, this is the first time that the world-renowned IHS Markit analytics company has reported on the Ribbon combined company. Patrick Joggerst, the Chief Marketing Officer for Ribbon Communications, and Vice President of Business Development noted that the business is thrilled to have their core services ranked so highly by such a respected firm.

Ribbon Communications are incredibly proud of their leadership heritage, and the reputation they have built for delivering best-in-class solutions for network transformation in the current industry. Ribbon offers soft-switching, flexible session border controllers, and voice over LTE deployments for security and networking purposes. Within the IHS Markit report, Ribbon ranked highly in countries around the world, but they saw particularly high results in North America.


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