Secured Communications Launches Stealth Mode

Rebekah Carter

Ultra-secure communications for high-risk areas

Secured Communications Launches Stealth Mode

Secured Communications, a leader in secure corporate communications, has announced the arrival of a new ultra-secure mode for communications. Stealth Mode in the Mercury private ecosystem will allow users to keep all communications secure within the encrypted Mercury platform for absolute privacy. The continued cooperation of Secured Communications with law enforcement, counterterrorism organisations around the globe helped create the new technology.

The Mercury system provides a suite of fully encrypted corporate communication capabilities to assist users in hosting HD video, sending private messages, and transferring files without risk.

The solution ensures that companies minimise risk of losses through hacking, data breaches, and reputational damage. Though Secured Communications already boasts end-to-end encryption, 99.9999% uptime, privacy shield certifications, and GDPR, it constantly innovates to enhance compliance.

Securing the Future Workplace

In today’s hybrid work environment, many communication platforms alert users about files and meetings shared with them through email. There’s a risk that those communications may be intercepted in some cases. With Stealth Mode, all meeting notifications and invitations remain within the encrypted and protected ecosystem, removing any possibility that anyone would know when or if a meeting occurred, or if a file was transferred.

President of Secured Communications, John Parkinson OBE, said that the privacy of client data is always a top priority. He notes that the company is constantly innovating to provide the highest possible security levels for clients and their communications. The Stealth Mode feature will take this peace of mind to the next level, allowing agencies and corporations to be confident in their discussions.

With Mercury, companies won’t have to worry that calls, messages, file transfers, or audio calls might end up being intercepted or identified. This allows business leaders to protect their sensitive information from risks like data breaches, information, and hacking.

How Secure Are Your Communications?

The Secured Communications Mercury platform is a simple and convenient solution that integrates seamlessly with companies of any size. The offering is comparable in costs to less secure, lower-quality platforms, and it doesn’t require any complex installation of software.

Secured Communications also sets itself apart from the competition by reassuring users that it will never share or harvest user data, or compromise on client data protection.



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