State of Play After The Pandemic  

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Jim Regan, Vonage Channel Chief sits down with UC Today

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State of Play After The Pandemic  

In todays ever-changing environment, there is a critical need for organizations of all sizes to ensure business continuity and seamlessly enable remote work. The events of the last few months have shown us that, now more than ever, businesses are relying on cloud-based communications to keep their

Jim Regan

Jim Regan

 employees connected with each other – and with their own customers – from anywhere, no matter what. 

While the challenges in 2020 have lessened, they have changed the way the world works forever” said Jim Regan, Vonage Channel ChiefThe pandemic demonstrated the critical need for organizations of all sizes to enable remote work, which in turn means our partners’ customers rely on our products and services to keep their employees connected. 

Staying Connected

Keeping employees connected seems like a simple task on the face of it, but as Regan points out, solutions now need to provide employees with the tools needed to communicate. 

We remain dedicated to providing our partners with the tools they need to help their customers stay connected and drive great customer experiences.  

UC solutions, such as Vonage Business Communications (VBC), need to be integrated into communications platform tools, including CRM and productivity tools, for rich messaging, increased mobility, network optimization, and video collaboration. This is enhancing the way employees connect with each other internally, and externally with their own customers.   

Integration platforms also bring a much easier user experience, simplifying the way a business customer can access the business apps they rely on, creating better data interactions with multiple business applications through a single platform, and providing advanced features for contact management, call control and analytics.  

Businesses can integrate both voice and data into the key sales, customer service and business productivity applications, such as Teams and Salesforce, that help them attract, engage and manage their customers. Most tellingly, these capabilities have helped our partners drive greater customer differentiation and growth in the UCaaS space even in todays competitive market. 

Contact Centre

The same largely goes for the contact centre. Integrations into contact centres, CRM and productivity tools, as well integrating seamlessly across platforms with a unified communications solution, can be critical to customer relationships, empowering agents to enhance engagement with customers across the channel of their choice, giving them the tools they need to better serve their customers. 

If we take Vonage as an example, VBC also integrates with the Vonage Contact Center solution which provides partners with the ability to design and deploy solutions that grow with a customers business. Owning our own UC, CC, and API tech stacks allows us to provide a better customer experience, as our ability to package customisable AI and programmable solutions mean our partners rarely run into a customer need they cant address.  

We believe that by having a solution that ties unified communications and the contact center, we are providing a superior customer and agent experience while reducing IT complexity and lowering operating costs. Customers can take advantage of an integrated offering (from carrier to application) that simplifies communications with one partner for service and support. 

Strength of Integrations

Regan said that he believes the channels growth, in particular, over the last year has come as a result of such integrations into its solutions. He added that Vonages strategy of growing with their partners is one of the reasons they are so successful. 

It is the breadth and depth of our integrations that drive success for Vonage and its partners on the ground. Ultimately, partners choose the Vonage Communications Platform for its flexibility, scalability, and the multiple paths to revenue it uniquely opens up for their business. Vonage is delivering a single, leading cloud communications platform that powers our customers’ and partners’ global engagement solutions.  

Partners grow with us on the basis of the expanded revenue potential our platform helps unlock, combined with one of the most lucrative and aggressive incentive programs in the industry. They stay with Vonage for the field sales expertise, the unrivalled engineering & implementation support and resources we make available on demand. At the end of the day, the channel is central to Vonages business and we are singularly committed to delivering the ease of use and the profitability that our partners need. 



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