Talari Receives Coveted “Recommended” Rating in the Industry’s First SD-WAN Group Test

Talari achieves Recommended Status with NSS Labs

Talari Receives Coveted “Recommended” Rating in the Industry’s First SD-WAN Group Test

A leader in the space of Failsafe SD-WAN technology, Talari Networks recently received a highly-coveted “Recommended” rating from NSS Labs, after taking part in the first-ever SD-WAN group test.

Talari Networks has a reputation for MPLS-class availability and high Quality of Experience ratings in their Failsafe SD-WAN products. The “Recommended” rating from NSS Labs helps to set the company apart as one of only 3 companies to achieve this accolade, out of nine businesses tested in total.

What is the NSS Labs SD-WAN Group Test?

NSS LabsNSS Labs is a globally-trusted source for fact-based and independent advice on cybersecurity. The mission of this company is to deliver greater accountability and transparency within the industry of cyber safety. In the world’s first group SD-WAN test, NSS Labs examined nine of the leading SD-WAN products in the industry, to assist enterprises in choosing the products in the market with the best possible features.

The SD-WAN Group test from NSS Labs is the only analysis available today to provide a comprehensive technical overview of the leading SD-WAN products. The examination was constructed using hundreds of hours of rigorous testing in the industry, and NSS Labs noted in a press release that they are committed to providing objective test results with empirical data in this study. As with any group test conducted by NSS Labs, there was no fee for participation.

According to the CTO of NSS Labs, Jason Brvenik, the SD-WAN market has a lot of potential to offer the current digital environment. NSS Labs believes that there are many impressive technologies out there for companies who want to upgrade their traditional WAN strategies. The NSS Labs SD-WAN group test was the cyber security guidance company’s attempt to help organisations make more informed decisions about their technology stacks.

Talari Rides Ahead of the Pack

As SD-WAN services become increasingly popular, countless vendors have begun to make their way into the marketplace. However, it can be difficult for companies to determine which provider offers the safest, and more reliable solution. According to the CEO of Talari, Patrick Sweeney, the NSS Labs test was an opportunity for the Talari brand to prove it’s potential in the SD-WAN product space.

Talari already deploys WAN solutions to more than 500 customers in 9,000 locations around the world. Their failsafe SD-WAN technology is globally renowned for its MPLS-class performance and QoE results, which give organisations access to state-of-the-art connections, without sacrificing performance predictability or stability.

The NSS Labs SD-WAN Group Test for 2018 is the first, and currently the only baseline examination in the industry to assess the potential of these technologies. Talari is thrilled to be one of the few companies in the market today to achieve that all-important “Recommended” status.

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