The Benefits of Hybrid Working with UCaaS

Rebekah Carter

UCaaS in the 'New Normal'

The Benefits of Hybrid Working with UCaaS

Whether you’re responsible for an enterprise company, a budding startup, or something in the middle, unified communications is quickly becoming a must-have for any business owner. Although the business case for the UCaaS landscape isn’t exactly new, more companies have begun to embrace the idea lately, following the pandemic.

If you’ve heard of Unified Communications as a Service before, you’ll know how advantageous it can be. UCaaS reduces IT spend, improves productivity, lowers employee commute costs, and more. However, as we discovered in 2020, UCaaS can also be critical for business continuity. By giving your team members access to crucial tools on the cloud, you ensure productivity doesn’t falter when the office shuts down.

UCaaS isn’t just a solution for emergencies and pandemics, though. As we move forward into a world where over half of all employees are set to shift to “hybrid working,” UCaaS could bridge the office and remote worker gap.

Why Use UCaaS for Hybrid Work?

UCaaS is all about flexibility and scalability. The embedded features of a UCaaS platform ensure that workers have the tools they need to effectively collaborate with team members and achieve better outcomes with workflows. More than just a product, UCaaS allows companies to transform “work” into a task unaffected by location.

With UCaaS, companies can ensure that all their employees can connect to the same software and tools, wherever they are, reducing the potential silos between groups. Some of the biggest benefits of UCaaS for hybrid work include:

1.      Portability

Perhaps the biggest way UCaaS promotes hybrid work, is by allowing everyone on your team to use the same services, regardless of location. Remote workers can bring new expertise and perspectives to your business, while your office employees continue to operate in-house.

Because everyone has access to the same technology, there’s less of a risk for confusion when employees are shifting in and out of the office. Remote workers can operate as normal, without being chained to the desk, and enjoy the same functionality as they do while in the traditional workplace.

2.      Productivity

UCaaS isn’t just about connecting people over the cloud.

Through “Unified Communications” this cloud-based technology can improve productivity by eliminating the need for multiple communication platforms or pieces of software.

A cloud phone system might act as a central hub for all staff communications, from calls and chat to conferencing, file sharing, and screen sharing. Staff members can work collaboratively and save businesses significant time and money, whether they’re in the office or not.

3.      Fewer Silos

A hybrid work environment naturally creates gaps between the people in the office and those outside. Silos aren’t new to this landscape though. Throughout the years, we’ve seen siloed information appear in all kinds of companies, often between different kinds of teams.

As hybrid work becomes more popular, siloed information will be a significant threat for employees working in different environments. If your staff in-office have different tools to the people who work remotely, then the result can often be process bottlenecks and even disengaged teams.

UCaaS consolidates your communications into a single environment so that everyone can connect in the same combined environment. When all conversations and information are in the same place, your team is more aligned, and less likely to waste time searching for the insights they need.

4.      Better analytics

Having all your conversations and information in the same place is great for engagement and productivity. However, it could also be a powerful tool in enabling business growth. Through real-time analytics, companies can use their communications data to spot trends, such as when contact centre volumes are spiking and what times the use of certain software increases.

When communication channels connect through UCaaS, teams can easily identify bottlenecks and address potential problems. Using service management solutions and analytics, business leaders get a better insight into the steps they need to take to enable and empower the workforce, regardless of whether they’re remote, or in-office.

5.      Keeping data secure

One significant concern for many companies about remote work, is that information may be less protected in a cloud environment. Nobody wants to end up in breach of GDPR regulations and other issues when they don’t have the correct equipment or data management strategy.

UCaaS solutions can solve this problem. You work with a reliable provider to securely host your information in the right data centres for your needs. UCaaS vendors can also offer additional security in the form of encryption and fraud prevention tools. There are various solutions out there tailor-made to suit the unique compliance requirements of specific locations, industries, and verticals too.

6.      Increase revenue growth

When your employees can interact through a customised and aligned UCaaS platform, it’s much easier for them to navigate successful conversations with customers. Employees will be able to work together to solve problems for consumers and come up with strategic initiatives to enhance business growth. A team that’s more connected is always more effective.

A UCaaS solution can even help to increase the reliability of your solution, no matter where your business employees might be located. When a customer needs to contact you, they’ll be able to reach out and get through to a staff member that’s equipped with the information they need to solve a problem or respond to a query.

Keeping Teams Connected with UCaaS

UCaaS solutions are robust communication systems designed to enhance the way that modern businesses work. The UCaaS environment provides cost savings, efficiency, and productivity enhancements to modern teams. However, this technology can also be a valuable solution for businesses taking their first steps towards a more hybrid workforce.

With UCaaS technology, today’s businesses can bridge the gap between their remote and in-office employees, ensuring better company culture, boosted engagement, and enhanced productivity. When staff members have an effective and aligned experience, the results come through in your customer satisfaction levels too.

Today, UCaaS isn’t just an option for the modern workforce, it’s a must-have.



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