UC Trends 2020 – UC Market Insights from Dialpad’s CSO

An exclusive interview as part of our Silicon Valley tour for the UC Trends 2020 series with Dialpad's CSO, Dan O'Connell

UC Trends 2020 with Dialpad


Watch the full interview here.

UC Trends 2020 is our series bringing you insight and analysis from some of the world’s leading technology brands. The UC Today team toured Silicon Valley in California, an area which is home to many of the world’s leading and most innovative tech companies. We have created a series of exclusive video interviews where we will take you behind the scenes in some of the industry’s hottest technology vendors. The biggest names from the worlds of collaboration, customer experience and unified communications spoke to UC Today so we could share their insights with you.

We’ll bring you an interview with one of the business’ senior executive team to understand more about the workplace and technology trends that are impacting their provision of solutions and services. We will also help you to understand more about the culture of their business, review their recent highlights, and appreciate what emerging trends are going to impact their organisations over the next 12 months.

Each interview overviews the strategic plans for the business, their analysis of their respective market and gives you a glimpse into their plans for the future.

This episode takes you inside Dialpad‘s Silicon Valley office as we meet its CSO, Dan O’Connell.


Getting to Know Dan O’Connell

Watch the video here.

As part of the UC Trends 2020 executive interview series you will also gain an insight into the personality of the business leader themselves. We prepared a series of quick-fire questions designed to reveal more about their personalities and uncover some of the factors that have driven their success.

Discover which individual they admire most, what they look forward to on Monday mornings and even if they prefer reading a book to watching TV.

The unique interview twist will give you a new perspective on the executive and their approach to business by revealing more of their personality.

Watch at your desk, whilst on your commute, or on the sun lounger, UC Today provides bite size videos, bringing you all of the latest communication and collaboration news.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson with Dan O’Connell from Dialpad.

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