UCaaS: Why White-Labeling Delivers Big for Resellers and their Customers 

Simon Wright

Leading vendor SkySwitch on the multiple benefits of smart partnership 

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UCaaS: Why White-Labeling Delivers Big for Resellers and their Customers 

Everyone likes to feel a closeness to organizations with which they do business.  

It fosters trust, loyalty and a sense of shared values. 

It’s the kind of bond that often results from close physical proximity: local suppliers providing a local service to local people.  

And it’s just one of the positive aspects of technology white-labeling – the custom-branding of a wholesale product retailed to an end user via a reseller partner model.  

Executed well, there are mutual advantages for all three component organizations in this most mutual of supply chains. 

The vendor sells more in more territories; the smaller reseller is able to take a well-invested, proven product to market as if it’s its own; and the end user benefits from that reseller’s local, high-grade service that is loved so much. 

For resellers who pick the right vendor partner, it can enable them to compete with huge national brands for whom end-user organizations are often just one account among thousands of others.  

And, in a fiercely-competitive market, that is a differentiator that can pack a real punch. 

“White-labeling has many advantages for Managed Service Providers, System Integrators and Value Added Resellers,” says Mike Nowak, Chief Revenue Officer at US-based mid-market communications provider BCM One, whose margin-rich white-label products and solutions from its SkySwitch business unit are the perfect cases in point.  

“From the resellers’ perspective, it’s all turnkey. The products have benefitted from investment in research and development and are all tried and tested; resellers control their own revenue streams because they are able to set their own retail price; they own the end user customer and so have the ability to up-sell other services, and finally, they get to build their own brand, not someone else’s. 

“In addition – in SkySwitch’s case – resellers are able to benefit from a simplified pricing model. Their end-user customer can increase or decrease their seats or devices via an easy-to-use management portal and it’s all backed behind the scenes by our proven platform resiliency and reliability, extensive onboarding and training, and super-experienced 24/7 support team. 

“Resellers benefit from all of that while simultaneously being able to send a powerful message to their customers that they are local and that their customers won’t be a small fish in a big pond in the way they might be if they went with a huge national provider.” 

So, what about the benefits of providing a trusted private label solution to the end user? 

Well, first it’s about the relationship with their MSP or SI reseller: that geographical local closeness which enables an easy on-site consultative approach to things like call and workflow mapping, local network readiness, internal wiring, device inventory, software integration and user preferences. 

“That kind of consultation and close customer collaboration is hard for a huge national provider to execute,” says Nowak. 

“End user customer organizations’ set-ups are likely to be very familiar to their local MSP and their relationship is likely to be very strong. In some cases, end-user organizations may even be dealing routinely with the reseller’s owner or senior directors.” 

It’s not just about geography either. 

Smaller MSP resellers often boast very high levels of network expertise and experience.  

Plus – in the case of smaller MSPs serving local SMEs – businesses of a similar size and location understand each other’s challenges because they are often shared.  

“It’s about having an affinity with your MSP; knowing them and trusting them,” says Nowak. 

“Big national brands selling their own solutions direct to the end user often do the deal and then they’re gone. 

“Conversely, buying a quality solution from an expert reseller is likely to come with a quality approach to service too.” 

It seems the opportunities for smart resellers to capitalise on the white-label model are significant. 

Choose the right vendor partner and success is virtually assured. 

To learn more about SkySwitch and how its white-label UCaaS hosted voice  solution can help your business grow, visit the SkySwitch website at www.skyswitch.com 



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