Avaya Leverages the Benefits of Google Cloud

Delivering scalable communication and collaboration

Avaya Leverages the Benefits of Google Cloud

Avaya, one of the market leaders in the communication and collaboration market today, recently introduced a new cloud-native UC-as-a-service strategy built on the Google Cloud Platform. The solution is designed to support companies from all verticals, and of all sizes. With Avaya’s new offering, even small to mid-sized businesses will be able to gain more from the efficiency and flexibility of the cloud.

The updated Powered by Avaya IX solution will be available across 24 markets globally to begin with, enabling partners to efficiently transition their SMB users into a cloud environment. The offering comes with endless customisation options that provide partners with new opportunities to reduce costs and improve outcomes for their customers at cloud speed. Building on the strategic integration with Google Cloud, Avaya has also adopted the Kubernetes feature to implement microservices and containerisation into its offering.

The Benefits of Powered by Avaya IX

Chris McGugan

Chris McGugan

Avaya’s new cloud-native UCaaS solution on the Google Cloud platform allows the company to provide customers with highly scalable and flexible solutions for their cloud communication and collaboration services. The true cloud foundation approach to design will give businesses the benefits of cloud solutions without asking them to adapt to a one-size-fits-all strategy.

According to the Avaya SVP, Solutions & Technology, Chris McGugan, the Powered by Avaya system will give SMBs an attractive strategy for cloud communications with many of the features and capabilities previously reserved for large enterprises. The new offering is delivered through Avaya partners and will expand the opportunities of Avaya’s resellers in today’s global network. Authorised partners will be able to deliver robust and reliable communications through the cloud, without investing in or building their own infrastructure from scratch.

Avaya’s communication offering provided through the Google Cloud will give partners new opportunities to seek out value-added offerings for their customers.

Expanding the Cloud Offering

Currently, Avaya supports about 3.7 million cloud seats between private and public offerings and continues to gain ongoing growth among new cloud customers. According to the Vice President of Aragon Research, Ken Dulaney, Avaya is providing a strong set of cloud offerings in the communication market. With Avaya, customers can access features through a global partner network, or the cloud, depending on the needs of the business.

The extended relationship with Google means that Avaya can meet the pressing needs for greater functionality, stronger security, and cost reductions that clients have today. Additionally, one of the key partners for Avaya in Latin America, Olitel commented about the new service in a press release. The Olitel CEO, Mario Mendez, said that access to just-in-time infrastructure will allow his business to reduce costs while giving customers the benefits of complete cloud-based UC.


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