Choosing the Best Cloud Communications Provider

Choosing the Best Cloud Communications Provider

The cloud is growing faster today than ever before. As enterprises around the world search for more flexible, versatile, and scalable ways to tap into digital transformation tech, the cloud can act as a low-cost, low-investment way to explore some of the opportunities available in things like collaboration, data analysis, and more.

Not only do cloud communication offerings help companies to bring all their connectivity needs together on a single platform – removing some of the silos involved in the traditional workplace – but they also minimise the restriction of the standard PBX. With the right cloud communication strategy, you can access a simple, effective, and agile product for UC, complete with open-end scalability for any vertical.

The question is, which cloud communications solution is right for your business?

The Cloud Communications Market

2018 has been another disruptive year for the cloud environment. As the marketplace grows more competitive, companies have begun to search for ways to reduce their capital expenditure, while accessing as much new and improved technology as possible.

However, just because we’ve seen more of cloud communications this year, doesn’t mean that hosted voice solutions have only just begun. In fact, companies have been offering cloud strategies for decades, the only difference is that we now have the security and flexibility required to make them more viable for enterprises around the world. Advances in the UCaaS environment from the network side and the carrier side, as well as developments in the hosted solutions themselves, mean that more brands than ever before can finally discover the power of the cloud.

As we move ahead into 2019, some vendors believe that we’ll see more an in the way of hybrid investments. In other words, businesses will begin to pick and choose the technology they want to host in the cloud and on-premises. Other experts believe that this will be the year customers truly begin to take the leap into bigger and better UCaaS / VoIP services offerings, provided by names in the marketplace like Cisco, RingCentral, Microsoft, and more.

Cloud Communications Delivers Business Agility

Interestingly, towards the end of 2017, Oracle Communications released a study that suggested that enterprises might consider cloud communications to be essential to their customer satisfaction strategies.

The truth is that any technology, including UCaaS, can give a company a competitive edge when it’s used in the right way. Software as a Service (SaaS) has opened a financially more appealing door for businesses who want to jump into the realm of cloud services, and Platform as a Service or Infrastructure as a Service solutions have expanded the number of private and public cloud solutions available. There’s a good chance that during 2018, we’ll begin to see more organisations experimenting with the high performance and simplicity benefits the cloud provides.

Make the Right Choice

To ensure you make the right choice for your cloud communications strategy, you’ll need to find a solution that not only gives you the right level of control over your UC, but also keeps your security risks to a minimum, saves your business money, and gives you more agility in your industry.

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