Cloud PBX Provider NFON Seeks to Grow Global Partnerships

Rise in remote work pushes demand for cloud PBX solutions, creating new opportunities for resellers

Cloud PBX Provider NFON Seeks to Grow Global Partnerships

The communications industry has been undergoing a digital transformation in recent years as more organizations look to move away from traditional on-prem PBX arrangements.

Moving to a cloud-centered solution allows businesses far greater flexibility to scale as needed — and as we have understood to be critical in the time of COVID-19 — to quickly shift operations to remote.

More and more companies are moving their communications technology to the cloud or are planning to do so in the near future. It is hardly a stretch to imagine that the sudden move to remote working and necessity for flexibility will see an unprecedented increase in demand. In order to keep up with the rise in demand for cloud-based communications, solutions providers are stepping up their outreach to expand their partnerships with resellers.

Among these companies is NFON, the only pan-European cloud PBX provider. The core product of NFON, Cloudya, its cloud telephony system, is used for businesses ranging from call centers to a range of other SMBs and SMEs. They also offer Unified Communications solutions that integrate with Microsoft Teams.

Seeking Growth Through Partnerships with Resellers

As a channel-only solutions provider operating in 15 European countries, NFON works with reselling partners to reach customers. “Unlike many others in this market, NFON develops and owns their own infrastructure,” says Jon Dailey, UK Channel Director at NFON, in a recent conversation with UC Today, explaining that, “This allows us greater flexibility and control when it comes to important factors such as licensing and pricing structure options that they are able to offer our reseller partners.”

In practice, NFON is able to partner with both consultants who can earn revenue sharing commissions from sales, as well as wholesalers that can add on a leading voice component to their existing offerings. This leaves the door open for a wide variety of partners to join with NFON’s team, including but not limited to MSPs, Office 365 resellers, and even those office supply businesses like printer equipment sellers that are looking to diversify their inventory.

End-to-End Marketing Assistance and Support

In speaking about the partnership programme with NFON’s Dailey, drives home the point that his team is there to help their partners grow their reselling business.

“We work with our partners throughout the entirety of the relationship,” says Dailey.

“This starts with investment lead generation and marketing support, as well as working with partners to make sure that the customer requirements are delivered as promised”

In addition to providing educational training sessions, as well as a generous corporate rewards programme and seasonal competitions for “pounds for points” rewards, NFON has launched a partner portal to make important resources easily accessible.

“Our job, beyond delivering on products like our core product and cloud-based PBX solution Cloudya, is to make working with us as straightforward as possible,” he says, telling UC Today about NFON’s partner portal where partners can access training, marketing collateral, forums, and other resources like announcements and release notes.


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