CounterPath Offers New Integrations with Market-Leading CRMs

New integrations with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, and more

CounterPath Offers New Integrations with Market-Leading CRMs

CounterPath, an innovative unified communication company committed to changing the face of telecommunications technology with award-winning solutions for enterprises, recently announced a new update. According to the CounterPath team, three of its reseller partners have now successfully developed integrations between Bria softphones and a host of leading Customer Relationship Management tools. These CRM integrations were chosen to help CounterPath keep pace with the rising demand to integrate Bria Softphones into business workflows worldwide.

The CounterPath in-house integration with Salesforce is currently responsible for addressing around 19% of the total CRM market. The closest competitor in the CRM space to Salesforce is SAP, with just under 10% of the market. The integration of new integrations with Bria softphones in the CRM space increases CounterPath’s ability to serve the market in a space that saw a massive 15% increase in growth last year.

An Exciting Step Forward for CounterPath

Todd Carothers

Todd Carothers

According to the Chief Revenue Officer for CounterPath, Todd Carothers, he was very excited to see the unsolicited development of new CRM integrations by CounterPath partners. The partners for the company leveraged the easy-to-use APIs available for Bria to create the new integrations with companies like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and Zoho. According to Carothers, this development is a testament to CounterPath’s strength in the SMB space, where they can enable companies to integrate Bria directly into their workplace process.

The New-Zealand based CounterPath Reseller, Kiwi Internet and IT, worked with Mercury IT to drive a new integration with Bria and Microsoft Dynamics, using the Unified Service Desk to enable Microsoft CRM cloud features on the desktop environment. CounterPath’s Canadian-based reseller also worked to develop an integration with Zoho CRM. OMNIVIGIL developed the Zoho CRM integration to allow Sales agents to communicate with customers from Bria softphones within their Zoho CRM application.

Exploring the New CounterPath Integrations

The integration of the Bria softphone from CounterPath into various CRM solutions provides a range of new productivity and functionality offerings for businesses. For instance, companies can now access:

  • Call pop notifications within the CRM when a call is received. The notification will include the associated contact record
  • Click to call from within the CRM software
  • Call logging with records directly in the CRM system
  • High-level productivity reports

CounterPath’s easy-to-use APIs allow for simple CRM integrations to be built for partners and customers to utilise for any deployment. The API samples for Bria are available to anyone today.


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