Dialpad Call Center Launched to Support Small Business CX

Dialpad's new platform brings call centre technology to the cloud

Dialpad Call Center Launched to Support Small Business CX

Pure-cloud business communications company, Dialpad, recently revealed that they would be launching Call Center a cloud-focused call centre solution for companies who need more agility, flexibility, and scalability from their call centre services. The service is built on top of the popular Google Cloud Platform, and it’s designed to remove some of the complexity that was common with traditional call centre environments.

The Call Center platform should help small and mid-sized businesses alike to transform the customer experience in a cost-effective way. This means that every company, no matter how small, will have the opportunity to build brand loyalty with their clients.

The SMB Communications Environment is Changing

CEO and co-founder of Dialpad, Craig Walker

CEO and co-founder of Dialpad, Craig Walker

The contact centre solution from Dialpad arrives at a time when small businesses are searching for more from their vendors when it comes to serving customer experience (CX) needs. As exceptional experiences emerge as the only true differentiating factor for any brand, modern call centre software could be the key to helping SMBs stay on top of their marketplace.

According to the CEO of Dialpad, Craig Walker, the company believes that disruptive innovation is key to supporting modern businesses in today’s highly-complex communication environment. The new Dialpad Call Center is designed to make it easier for companies from every background to focus on what’s important to their future: creating happier customers.

The Call Center platform comes equipped with a stunning user interface and intuitive experience intended to give representatives and agents a range of easy-to-use features when they’re interacting with customers. The system is equipped to drive bigger sales, better service, and greater efficiency within the workforce.

What to Expect from Dialpad Call Centre

Currently the only call centre software available for the SMB market that was built entirely on the Google Cloud Platform, Dialpad offers customers a micro-services architecture which ensures that customers can future-proof their communication system. The scalable and flexible nature of the tool means that customers can enhance and improve their IT stack with better collaboration among employees, and stronger interactions with clients. Features include:

  • A Unified Platform: Instant onboarding and customised controls eliminate the complications of traditional call centre
  • High-speed performance: Intelligent call routing and queuing connects agents with callers faster
  • Seamless quality management: Supervisors have the opportunity to monitor active calls, connect with agents and offer live coaching tips to reduce the risk of unhappy customers
  • Real-time alerts: Agents can receive customised alerts that offer information on important metrics like queue length, wait times, and call abandonment levels
  • In-depth analytics: The system provides a complete overview of agent productivity, customer data, and more
Dialpad Call Center

Dialpad Call Center

Stronger CX for a Low Price Point

Dialpad created the Call Center system in response to the knowledge that 70% of buying experiences are based on the treatment that customers feel they’re getting from a brand. With Call Center, Dialpad hopes to give small businesses a chance to deliver the amazing experiences their customers need, without breaking the bank.

Indeed, the innovative Call Center pricing model ensures that smaller companies can enjoy the predictability of a flat-rate fee with no per-minute expenses. There are also short-term and annual contracting options available.

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