Fuze Web Review: UC on the Web

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Fuze Web Review: UC on the Web

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Reports by Accuray Research LLP suggest that the global WebRTC market will grow at a rate of around 36.8%, to reach a value of $41.94 billion by the end of 2025. Today’s companies want quick and easy access to innovative communication solutions for their employees. That means that they don’t want to waste time installing plugins and applications on a range of computers.

Fuze Web is the WebRTC solution from communication market leaders, Fuze, designed to provide single-click access to meetings, group messaging environments and more. With Fuze Web, mid-sized to large enterprises can access services for chatting, calling, video, conferences, and content sharing, all without ever leaving their browser. There’s even a Guest feature for people outside of your organisation.

Here’s what you can expect from Fuze Web:

Features & Benefits

Fuze has used its expertise as a leading cloud-based communications vendor to deliver some of the most accessible communication technology on the market. Fuze Web eliminates the downloads and waiting periods required with conventional tools for online communication and collaboration, through WebRTC technology.

Fuze Web allows guests to join a meeting simply by clicking on a link. The solution works on Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Chrome extensions, and there are no plugins or additional tools required. Features include:

  • Immersive meetings with content sharing, chat functionality, invite options, full multi-party HD video, recording, and Fuze content locker
  • Business voice with contact search, click-to-call, and high-quality resilient audio
  • Modern messaging with real-time, one-on-one IM conversations, groups, file sharing, “favourite” groups, and more

Fuze Web also expands on the vendor’s in-depth integrations with Microsoft and Google to help organisations access their Google calendars and contact lists within their Fuze browser application. Additional benefits include:

  • Enterprise Security: Fuze serves customers across practically every industry, which means that the company needs to be resilient with its security and privacy features. Fuze Web is compliant with HIPAA, SSAE16 SOC1 Type II, and SSAE16 SOC2 Type II
  • Worldwide Reliability: No matter where your people are joining your web-based conversations, Fuze will ensure you maintain the same high-quality audio experiences. The geographically load-balanced architecture means that Fuze can provide a 99.999% uptime guarantee for business continuity, without the maintenance investments and CapEX required from conventional systems
  • Scalable, unified experience: Everything Fuze offers in their communication, collaboration and customer contact portfolio is designed to integrate seamlessly together for a cohesive end-to-end experience. What’s more, Fuze Web also integrates with leading applications like DropBox, Salesforce, Google Cloud and many others, to help avoid information silos within the enterprise

Target Market & Regional Availability

Fuze products are available on a global basis. The company prides itself on the broad selection of data centres it has around the world, helping to improve resiliency and call quality for customers from every country. Fuze products are primarily designed for mid-market and enterprise-level customers, with a scalable infrastructure to support flexible growth.

How to Buy & Pricing

Fuze does not list prices for its products, including Fuze Web online. If you want a quote for your Fuze system, you’ll need to speak to the Fuze Sales team, either by filling out one of their contact forms or calling your local Fuze office or platform partner

FAQ & Finishing Thoughts

If you’re looking for a more natural way to embrace all the benefits that cloud communications has to offer, Fuze Web provides instant access to next-level communication and collaboration with just a single click. With Guest accounts that allow you to connect seamlessly with people outside your organisation, and deep integrations with some of the leading CRM, ERP, and enterprise apps, Fuze Web is the ideal addition to any communication stack.

Q: What are the Benefits of Fuze Web’s deep integrations with Microsoft and Google?

A: The in-depth relationships that Fuze has with Google and Microsoft allows companies to build their WebRTC UC solution on top of their existing business applications. For instance, you can make a call from your Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome Dialler, turn Calendar events on your Microsoft or Google stack into a Fuze Meeting, and more. Fuze’s in-depth integrations make it easier to drive adoption for new technology in your enterprise.

Q: What is WebRTC?

A: WebRTC stands for Web-based real-time communications. It’s an open-source technology solution that allows companies to deliver their services through a web browser, rather than asking people to download software or plugins. Fuze Web is provided on a WebRTC environment.

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