Genesys Celebrates Amazing Growth in Cloud

Exceptional growth in 2018 for Genesys cloud

Genesys Celebrates Amazing Growth in Cloud

Genesys, a leading contact centre and omni-channel experience vendor, supporting more than 25 billion customer interactions per year, just revealed some impressive insights into its 2018 growth. According to a recent Genesys report, cloud sales for the brand have risen by 32% year-over-year. Additionally, Genesys experienced growth gains in every market, with 30% growth in large enterprises, 50% for small and mid-sized businesses, and 70% in the mid-market.

Although sales have increased substantially within all of the cloud offerings from Genesys, the PureCloud platform is delivering the best results. Sales have more than tripled since 2016, blowing the competition away. According to Genesys, PureCloud has even accelerated faster than major SaaS platforms like ServiceNow, and Zendesk, with a projected annual revenue growth of 130% since 2017. Over 300 new enhancements have been delivered to the platform in the last 2 years alone.

Growing with the Rise of Cloud

Cloud deals in 2018 with a value of over $1 million increased for Genesys at a rate of 110% compared to the previous year. According to Genesys, much of this growth can be attributed to the Genesys PureBridge program, which helped around 1,200 companies to transition away from legacy systems with vendors like Cisco, Avaya, and others, into a smoother cloud experience.

In a press release about their substantial growth this year, Genesys drew attention to customer “Alberta Treasury Branches” – a large financial institution in Alberta Canada that used the Genesys cloud experience to connect better with customers, improve workplace management, simplify cost management, and “improve employee communication.”

Other businesses benefiting from the Genesys offering include:

  • Westpac New Zealand: Increased customer care calls (outbound) by 100%, reduced infrastructure costs and got first customer care agents up-and-running in 3 months
  • Heineken Mexico: Improved call effectiveness by over 40%, and boosted sales success by 6%, while eliminating 1.5 hours of extra employee work each day
  • Coca-Cola North America: Reduced total cost of ownership by half (50%)

Delivering Customer Success

According to Paul Segre, the CEO of Genesys, hundreds of migrations from on-premises solutions to the cloud are taking place today, and Genesys has a track record of delivering constant innovation and value. Segre noted that Genesys understands that their customers need better time-to-value to excel in their markets, which means innovating, adopting new experiences, and taking advantage of the latest technology. The Genesys cloud strategy gives users a way to reach their goals faster than ever.

Over the last 2 years, Genesys has closed over 3 deals per day to replace antiquated competitor systems. More than 700 transitions have come from Avaya alone, and Genesys partners have been instrumental in supporting its growth, with channel sales growing by 250% last year. In the previous 12 months, Genesys has made significant progress in facilitating customer success through:

  • Investment in innovation: Genesys puts more than $250 a year into R&D to accelerate customer success and deliver new solutions
  • Enhanced speed to market: Genesys DevOps enables customers to adopt innovation faster through the cloud
  • Quicker migrations and deployment: With over 100 prescriptive use-cases, Genesys cuts deployment times in half through an efficient cloud strategy


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