Introducing Cloudya: Cloud Telephony by NFON AG

NFON AG delivers new cloud comms solution

Introducing Cloudya: Cloud Telephony by NFON AG

From a headquarters in Munich, Germany, NFON AG provides the only Pan-European solution for companies in search of a cloud PBX provider. Currently, NFON serves more than 15,000 companies across 13 EU locations. Now, NFON AG has introduced a brand-new core cloud product “Cloudya” – this newly created telephony option offers the ideal blend of reliability and simplicity for modern users.

Cloudya is a platform-independent solution for communications that allows users to manage their communication strategy through a single login on an integrated user interface. Available via desktop app, mobile app, or browser, the Cloudya solution provides easy communication accessibility from any location, using any device. According to the CFO and CEO for NFON AG, Hans Syzmanski, Cloudya is the “future” of business communications for the organisation and an important milestone in the brand’s history.

Supporting the Changing Communications Market

NFON AG believes that the market for enhanced, cloud-based telephony is still growing at a rapid pace in Europe, with a compound annual growth rate of around 16%. As people continue to explore mobile working practices, cloud telephony has the potential to grow even further. In a press release, Hans suggested that Cloudya is NFON AG’s opportunity to set an essential example for the European market. Cloudya also lays the foundations for a comprehensive UCaaS offering from NFON AG at a later stage.

As countless businesses enter an era of digital transformation, NFON AG believes that Cloudya will help to support digitisation and communication enhancement with both simplicity and innovation. Cloudya will offer device-independent, high-quality communication with a focus on ease of use for any device. According to the Vice President for Product and New Business at NFON AG, Cloudya is the company’s stepping stone to a future of integrated collaboration services and solutions, and it was built for the digital workspace of tomorrow.

Embracing Next-Level Technology

To make Cloudya as future-proof as possible, the technology has been built on the latest solutions like WebRTC technology. This means that it will be easier to roll updates out to the entire Cloudya suite at once. In a press release about the new core product, the CTO for NFON AG, Jan Peter Koopmann said that using JavaScript frameworks and WebRTC means that NFON can deliver the highest levels of security, development speed and quality available.

For the first time in their go-to-market strategy, NFON AG will also be offering a European-wide homogenous tariff model with Cloudya. Chief Sales Officer for NFON AG, Cesar Flores Rodriquez said that Cloudya is more than just a new product, it’s also the path to some critical goals for the company. NFON plans on using Cloudya as the cornerstone of their strategy to dominate the European market by giving customers the simplicity, reliability, and independence they’re looking for.

Cloudya will be available for the latest version of Chrome starting as of the 1st of November. Additionally, until the 1st of February 2019, launches for Android and iOS apps, as well as the desktop apps for Windows and MacOS,  will take place in the coming months.

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