Introducing the Avaya Cloud Office Launch Event

Everything you need to know about Avaya Cloud Office

Introducing the Avaya Cloud Office Launch Event

At UC Today, we’re proud to offer our community an incredible range of exclusive content. Aside from blogs and videos, you can tune into podcasts, and learn new things through digital environments like the UC Summit. Now, that we’re providing a virtual landscape for the UC market, we’ve got even more amazing experiences on the horizon.

Avaya, one of the market leaders in communication and collaboration technology, will be hosting a virtual event with UC Today on the 30th of June 2020. Here, end customers and channel partners will have an opportunity to learn all about Avaya’s Cloud Office solution, powered by RingCentral.

Explore the Advantages of Avaya Cloud Office

The Avaya ACO product launch will provide attendees with insights into how the world of work is transforming at an incredible pace. The environment created by COVID-19 has accelerated an already developing trend for remote and mobile working. Avaya wants to show attendees how the Avaya Cloud Office experience can make working remotely more productive and efficient.

There are 5 fantastic sessions to look forward to in this virtual event. During the broadcast, leading industry experts and our own Rob Scott will address things like:

  • The changing nature of the UCaaS environment and new workplace trends in the age of the “new normal.” How can companies prepare for anywhere work?
  • What will the workplace look like after COVID-19? What opportunities and challenges lay ahead for those who invest in UCaaS?
  • How can cloud-based communication tools like ACO support partners and end-customers in achieving their goals in a new environment?
  • What kind of support can Avaya offer to help businesses prepare for the age of multi-experience, and what does that mean to modern companies?
  • How does video contribute to the current landscape? Is video the new must-have for better communication?

Check Out ACO: Behind the Scenes

The new Avaya Cloud Office event will provide useful information on the shifting business priorities that market leaders are facing today. Companies will discover how the world of work is changing and learn how cloud communications can help them embrace the “new normal.”

The event will:

  • Inform: Providing insights into the ACO product and what it can do
  • Educate: Offer essential thought leadership on UCaaS technology
  • Engage: Provide a visual-first and engaging experience for businesses looking to evolve

The official date for the event is Tuesday, the 30th of June 2020. The event will run Live for a week, then be available for 60 days on-demand at UC Summit.

See you there!



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