Maintel Takes UCaaS to the Mid-Market

Maintel introduces ICON Now

Maintel Takes UCaaS to the Mid-Market

Maintel, the communication company committed to transforming customer experiences with innovative connectivity solutions, recently announced a new strategy for 2019. Maintel will be expanding its cloud and managed service solutions in the year ahead, and launching a service named “ICON Now” a UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) solution specifically for the mid-market.

ICON Now targets companies with between 100 and 1,000 employees, offering them the technology that they need to efficiently and securely connect their offices, and empower employees. The modern and highly-integrated system of tools will give mid-market staff members a way to collaborate and communicate effectively both inside the office and with their customers.

What to Expect from ICON Now

ICON Now is available immediately for Maintel customers, and clients will have the option to pick from a range of package types to suit their needs. The flexible deployment opportunities include everything from basic telephone to full-team collaboration. Business leaders can also choose to add or remove features from their service as usage patterns change. ICON Now also supports various integrations with popular business applications.

According to Maintel, ICON Now is currently available as an “OpEx only” service, which means that it’s designed to provide mid-market companies with minimal set-up costs as they embrace new technology for the years ahead. Organisations will be able to manage and enhance their communications systems according to their needs and make sure that they’re always compliant with the latest regulations. End-users will also be able to communicate and collaborate on the device of their choice through the ICON portal.

Delivering Flexibility to the Mid-Market

During a discussion about the launch of ICON Now, the CTO of Maintel, Rufus Grig noted that the business environment is in a state of transformation. According to Grig, modern companies need to make sure that their people how the tools they need to stay productive regardless of the device they’re on, or where they are. Maintel hopes that ICON Now will deliver the flexibility previously reserved for large enterprises to smaller and mid-sized businesses, so they can begin to see more immediate returns on their technology investments.

ICON Now is just the latest service to be offered in Maintel’s impressive suite of managed and cloud services provided through the ICON brand. The Software and Cloud Technology director for Maintel, Dan Davies, said that the company had created the solution based on what they’ve learned from years of providing cloud communications to enterprise users. The system will package high-level solutions into an easy-to-consume and affordable strategy for smaller businesses.

The Maintel team hopes that ICON Now will allow them to build on their existing legacy of being able to provide UCaaS to diverse groups ranging all the way from national retail brands to hospitals, banks, and the private sector.


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