Masergy Provides Global UCaaS Interoperability with Cisco Endpoints

Global enterprises now have access to seamless interoperability

Masergy Provides Global UCaaS Interoperability with Cisco Endpoints

As the owner of the world’s largest Software Defined platform, Masergy has a strong reputation in the communication environment. Masergy is known for its ability to provide hybrid networking solutions to global enterprises, alongside exceptional cloud communication and managed security strategies. Their highly customisable solutions and unique approach to customer experience make them a dominant force in the current market.

Now, Masergy has announced the extension of their global UCaaS strategy, which will include IP phones and collaboration endpoints from the Cisco 6800 and 8800 series. The new announcement draws focus to the healthy relationship that Masergy has with Cisco and the commitment that the Masergy brand has to accommodate a broad range of IP phones.

Expanding Feature-Rich UCaaS Services

The interoperability with Cisco endpoints showcases Masergy’s ongoing strategy to serve their customers with high-quality phones, certified to work with their cloud Contact Centre and UCaaS services. According to the VP for product management in the UCaaS sector at Masergy, Dean Manzoori, the modern workforce demands more advanced features in their collaboration platforms.

As companies search for increased productivity on a daily basis, through the flexible and scalable avenue of the cloud, Masergy hopes to become a crucial partner, with their broad portfolio of feature-rich IP phones. Combined with innovative IP phone technology, the Masergy Global /unified-communications/ucaas services provide more immersive and engaging communication experiences, through benefits like:

  • Cloud-based user-friendly management solutions and real-time analytics
  • Built-in disaster recovery and automatic failover
  • Seamless video, voice, and instant messaging
  • Globally unified dialling plans
  • Localised calling features

Supporting Global Customer Needs

Masergy strives to provide a broad range of solutions for their globally dispersed customers, in a time when there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to communications. According to the director of product management at Cisco, John Lamargue, today’s customers have a wide selection of different needs. Some companies might approach their IP endpoint strategy with a basic entry-level phone with a few simple features. Other organisations will need high-quality multi-media experiences.

One thing that both Cisco and Masergy know their customers have in common is the quest for quality, security, and reliability. With the help of Cisco’s IP phones, Masergy hopes to deliver on those needs. Already, the new expansion has had fantastic results for Masergy, according to the Senior VP of engineering, Terry Traina.

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