Microsoft Kaizala: The New Social Network for SMEs and Business?

Building teams in areas with poor connectivity

Microsoft Kaizala: The New Social Network for SMEs and Business?

It’s safe to say that the arrival of social network platforms has made drastic changes to the way that we communicate across the world. As collaborative and communication solutions evolve, the next wave of enterprise social networks have appeared to assist partners, employees, and stakeholders collaborate with real-time communication.

There are plenty of options already available, from Amazon Chime to Facebook Workplace, Slack, and Cisco Spark. Today, Microsoft India has delivered something brand new, with “Kaizala”, a mobile-first product designed for collaboration.

What Makes Microsoft Kaizala Different?

If you look at the rich collection of possibilities offered by Kaizala, it’s safe to see that the app is ahead of the pack. A data-activation tool, social tool, analytics platform, and user-management platform, Kaizala is an efficient way to drive performance.

The new app emerges at a time when SMEs are becoming more dispersed around the company and connecting with teams in areas that might not have excellent connectivity. As a pilot solution, Kaizala has already seen significant adoption from YES bank, United Phosphorous Limited, and Apollo Telemedicine, among others.

From a government perspective, there are more than 70,000 workers in the Andhra Pradesh government using Kaizala every day. According to CEO for NITI Aayog, Amitabh Kant, the Kaizala app is a safe, and secure way to improve mobile-first communication. The app will be part of the brand’s innovation mission to encourage entrepreneurship across schools throughout the country.

Designed for Productivity

Kaizala is intended for businesses that focus on mobile. With smartphones, it’s easy for smaller businesses to plan and grow, but currently, a lot of time is wasted on moving information from one device to another. The power of Kaizala lies in the fact that it makes retrieving and processing information easy – regardless of connectivity issues.

Kaizala is a way of connecting businesses within the modern workforce. It’s intended to help companies share information seamlessly across a range of platforms. Additionally, Kaizala is GST compliant, according to the CEO and Founder of IDOS, Srikanth Cheruku.

Using Kaizala, SMEs don’t have to worry about a large technology adoption process. Inside the app, all they need to do is accept the purchase order, and the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software will begin to generate GST-ready invoices instantly.

The Future for Microsoft India

As the company moves forward, Microsoft India is looking to work with more enterprises, state governments, and SMEs to create a larger community for Kaizala. They’re hoping to work with industry associations and business clusters to improve their reach and encourage new use cases to come to them to help build the program even further.

Currently, Kaizala is available in both a “free” or a “Pro” version. The “Pro” option includes a range of additional features that include group and user management, system automation and integration with Kaizala APIs, advanced analytics and reporting, and the ability to create public groups, publish custom actions, and more.

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