Mitel Named Supplier by Crown Commercial Service

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Delivering communication and collaboration to the Public Sector

Mitel Named Supplier by Crown Commercial Service

Mitel, one of the market leaders in communication solutions for businesses, recently announced that it has been appointed a supplier of the Crown Commercial Service’s latest Network Series 2 framework. The CCS (Crown Commercial Service) group is responsible for supporting the public sector. The group helps public sector companies to access the best possible commercial value when procuring services and goods.

Throughout 2018 and 2019, the CCS helped the public sector companies in the UK to achieve commercial benefits amounting to a value of £945 million. The Crown Commercial Service is committed to offering exceptional support to companies that provide public sector services for taxpayers around the country.

The New Network Series 2

CCS helps public sector companies to achieve value in a number of crucial areas, including supporting the provisioning of communication and network services for UK bodies and agencies, charities, and the voluntary sector. The network series 2 consists of a selection of pre-vetted suppliers, as well as streamlined strategies for purchasing, and best-value price models. This framework ensures that public sector organisations can achieve peace of mind knowing that vendors like Mitel are there to help them gain the efficiency and speed they need to accelerate their initiatives for digital transformation.

According to the Head of Research for the Cavell Group, Dominic Black, the public sector is just like many other industries today going through a significant period of digital transformation. Collaboration and communication tools are essential to ensuring that businesses in this environment can deliver the kind of service and support that customers need. Mitel’s solution will enable public sector groups to improve the quality of service that they can provide while keeping costs as low as possible.

Mitel’s Partnership with CCS

Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts

The Mitel brand has been appointment as a supplier across three areas in the CCS initiative, including unified communications, IP telephony, and contact centre services. Mitel achieved full marks when tested by CCS for all required tech-focused criteria. The appointment highlights the expertise and industry-leading strength that Mitel has in the business communications market, giving the UK public sector the support they need to access a complete portfolio of products. Mitel offers everything from private and public cloud solutions, as well as contact centre, on-site communications, business phones, and collaboration applications.

According to the Vice President of UKISA at Mitel, Richard Roberts, the public sector is under significant pressure to constantly improve the services that it offers today’s citizens in the face of dropping budgets. Many organisations in the public sector are searching for affordable opportunities to grow in the world of digital transformation. The new network services framework will allow companies to access the rich selection of communication and collaboration tools available from Mitel.


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