Network Telecom Introduces NT Cloud Pro

A new fully hosted communication platform

Network Telecom Introduces NT Cloud Pro

Network Telecom, an essential component of the Enreach group, have announced an expansion to its cloud telephony portfolio. The new fully-hosted cloud communications platform, NT Cloud PRO comes with a simple and intuitive administrator portal. NT Cloud PRO provides Network Telecom customers with easy access to all of their business communications whenever they like.

The service, fully hosted in the cloud, allows users to log in and access the cloud system wherever they are, from any browser or mobile app. Ideal for flexible or remote working, NT Cloud PRO delivers tons of futureproof features, including the option to switch calls between devices, unlock new recordings seconds, and utilise softphone functionality. With the portal, customers can also add or remove users in a matter of seconds, manage voicemail greetings, and advertising on hold.

The New Cloud Pro Platform

The Network Telecom Cloud Pro platform handles everything from call diversions, to presence status, blocking numbers, and instant messaging, all in the same place. Enreach technology supports NT Cloud Pro. Using Network Telecom’s cloud PBX solution gives businesses the freedom to combine their mobile and fixed capabilities.

CEO of Network Telecom, Duncan Ward, said that the company is excited to be bringing NT Cloud Pro into the landscape, for companies that need a cutting-edge solution for working the way that they choose. NT Cloud Pro provides communication technology that’s flexible, intuitive, and user friendly.

In the present environment, companies need to be able to transition quickly and easily between different ways of working, supported by industry-leading communication tools that work the same way from home or on the road as it does in the office. NT Cloud PRO is the ideal solution for modern companies serious about continuity and staying connected.

An Important Milestone

According to the CEO of Enreach, Stijn Nijhuis, the implementation marks another crucial milestone in the technology strategy of Enreach, as the company continues to increase synergies across the product portfolio and platform solutions. This valuable upgrade comes at a time when businesses need to have access to the best possible solutions for remote working.

Enreach is thrilled that the Network Telecom team is now helping users to stay connected on a new level.



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