NFON Bundles “Know-How” into Service Structure

NFON upgrades service structure to suit new demands

NFON Bundles “Know-How” into Service Structure

NFON AG, the only cloud PBX provider to serve a pan-European market, recently announced the extension of their services offering. Currently, the company supports more than 30,000 companies in 14 countries across Europe. The NFON easy-to-use solutions provide reliable access to cloud-based communications. However, now the company is focusing on taking it’s service offerings to the next level.

Three core teams will be responsible for offering end-to-end support for customers through Presales consulting, Service Delivery, and Professional Services. Melanie Sollinger is the professional taking over the lead as Head of Consulting and Services. According to the CTO of NFON AG, Jan-Peter Koopmann, growth and expansion require constant development in a business, for the benefits of today’s customers. This means that NFON not only has to invest in its product bundles, but its services too. The change to the NFON AG service structure aims to support customers at every stage of the purchasing lifecycle, from pre-sales to commissioning and ongoing support.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

According to Koopmann, customer satisfaction has always been a critical priority for NFON AG. The upgraded service architecture will ensure that highly specialised employees are assigned to specific departments and teams. This high-level classification will make sure that customers get the support they need quickly and effectively.

For instance, the Presales Consulting team will be responsible for handling workshops and presentations during the bid-phases of sales. They will also deal with things like managing tenders and support for alpha tests. Professional services will be dedicated to the consistent expansion of existing solutions, the documentation of regular operations, and the control of service providers during service outsourcing strategies.

The third pillar of the new NFON AG services architecture will deal with Service Delivery, which covers things like SLA monitoring, SLA definition, and escalation management. A precise classification of the service structure should give NFON Group the clarity that it needs to ensure a better flow of communication and collaboration within the workforce. Additionally, according to Melanie Sollinger, the solution will allow for more effective consulting and focused support for complicated issues and tasks.

Generating New Role Opportunities

Sollinger, who previously headed the Technical Consulting division at NFON AG, said that as the company continues to expand and accelerate, customers need to feel advised and understood in all areas. The extension and growth of the services strategy will generate new job opportunities, specifically within the Germany branch of NFON. This means that the company is growing further internationally.

Recently, NFON opened a new branch in Milan, and it’s expanding its position in countless other environments around the world. Recently, NFON also purchased the Deutsche Telefon Standard company in March of this year (2019) to help with their continued growth plan.


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