NFON UK Agrees New Distribution Deal with Nuvola

Investing in new distribution opportunities

NFON UK Agrees New Distribution Deal with Nuvola

UK-based entity of NFON AG, NFON UK recently announced a new partnership agreement with Nuvola Distribution Limited. NFON UK is the only pan-European cloud PBX provider available today, while Nuvola Distribution is a value-added service distributor committed to offering resellers end-to-end opportunities for differentiation and growth.

Nuvola will be acting as a master agent as part of the new agreement. This means that UK channel partners will be able to sell NFON communications without limits. The communication solutions will be offered through Cloudya, NFON’s cloud telephone system. According to the Managing Director of NFON UK, Myles Leach (above, right), the new partnership is about providing businesses with freedom in communication through simplicity, independence, and reliability. The cloud telephone offering provided by NFON will help clients to enhance their telecom processes, improve their workflow, and become more flexible with forward-thinking technology.

Supporting the Communication Revolution

NuvolaMyles Leach noted that there’s currently a “revolution” happening in the communications market, similar to what happened with the data world a decade ago. NFON aims to support that revolution by taking voice communications to the cloud in a simple and streamlined format. Already, the company is highly trusted in the UK market, where there’s already a 14% penetration for cloud communications. The market share is set to increase by 20% in 2020.

Now that the workforce is becoming more flexible and dynamic, the cloud communications landscape is crucial to businesses of all sizes. The core NFON product, Cloudya, combined with Nuvola’s robust partner network, will allow companies to embrace a new era of digital transformation. According to NFON’s chief sales officer, Cesar Flores Rodriguez (above, left), the UK is currently one of the leading countries in Europe for transformation. The UK has a unique appetite for digitalisation and growth. As the spread of cloud opportunities continues, NFON is thrilled to be taking on new opportunities with Nuvola.

The New Distribution Partnership

Since it emerged on the market in 2010, Nuvola has been committed to providing channel partners with a unique solution for communications, including a comprehensive product range from local and global vendors alike. Nuvola offers a complete helpdesk and ongoing support service, as well as a unique range of white-label services. The company is excited to be chosen as NFON’s distributor for the Cloudya telephone system and will be adding it to their cloud portfolio which they call “TaaS.”

The new opportunity to expand their “Technology as a Service” offering also delivers new chances to provide resellers with a competitive product in the challenging UC marketplace. Resellers will have a much broader range of choices to work with through Nuvola going forward. The Nuvola brand will begin distributing the Cloudya solution from NFON immediately.


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