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Out Loud: 8×8 Change the Game with X Series

We hear from 8x8 about the announcement of their new X Series which was released as generally available this week

Out Loud: 8×8 Change the Game with X Series

Patrick Watson was joined on the podcast by Meghan Keough, VP for Product and Solutions Marketing at 8×8.

First of all Patrick asks Meghan about the details of the launch and why the new X Series is so different to other propositions currently available in the industry.

“It is the first solution to integrate voice, video, collaboration and contact centre onto a single cloud platform and we couldn’t be more excited about making that generally available to the market.”

Meghan explains that 8×8 have been investing in trying to combine the various platforms into the new X Series and the development has taken a number of years. The solution is designed to support both employee engagement and customer engagement. The development of the platform has been focused on creating a proposition that can replicate the model that historically has been purchased in on premise systems, with all of the different aspects included.

“What we saw from our own customers – is that they wanted a single vendor that they could buy the combined offering from and there was no-one else in the market that was able to do this.”

Out Loud 8x8 Meghan Keough

Meghan Keough, 8×8

Meghan then goes on to explain some of the unique features that also set the X Series apart from other industry solutions. She explains that being able to provide all of the solution under one roof enables customers to seamlessly track, and improve their own customer’s journeys.

As well as frictionless CX tracking the X Series also enables further benefits. It is able to offer a solution to companies that operate multiple collaboration solutions, for first time. Integrated team messaging connects seamlessly across more than 26 team messaging solutions, including mainstream collaboration apps like Slack, Atlassian Stride, Google Hangouts, Cisco Webex Teams, and more. For example, Slack users can now chat with Hangouts or Stride users with the X Series team messaging solution.

“We have gone one step further for those large enterprises and mid-market companies that have two or more team messaging apps. We allow you to integrate an 8×8 room with any of those applications so now you can actually have enterprise wide collaboration.”

Meghan also confirms some of the other developments that have been integrated into the X Series in terms of analytics.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guest Meghan Keough.

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