Pharmacy 2U Chooses RingCentral to Drive Digital Transformation

Using CC and UC as a Service for better customer experience

Pharmacy 2U Chooses RingCentral to Drive Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation (DX) is no longer just a consideration in the UK marketplace. Almost every business, no matter how small, is going through some mode of digital transformation. Whether it’s storing files in the cloud for a better disaster recovery plan or moving your entire communication strategy into an as-a-service environment to drive flexibility, DX is everywhere.

Recently, Pharmacy2U, the leading online pharmacy in the UK, announced that they will be leveraging RingCentral’s UCaaS and CCaaS services through the cloud, to offer next-level customer service in the age of digital transformation.

Unlocking the Benefits of Communication in the Cloud

Cloud communication strategies have been growing increasingly popular in the last couple of years, as companies realise that their digital strategies need to be agile, flexible and innovative to serve the increasing demands of today’s customers. Pharmacy2U currently supports around 240,000 people across the UK, who need help filling NHS repeat prescriptions. Since the company first launched in 1999, the expectations of customers have evolved drastically. According to the Director of Customer Care for Pharmacy2U, Andy Williams, the company is now adding around 7,000 patients per week.

These new customers want more than just a phone line for support when they connect with a new organisation. Pharmacy2U knew that in today’s economy of customer experience (CX), they needed a way to provide their clients with the option to contact them through any medium they preferred. RingCentral’s CCaaS platform allows Pharmacy2U to deliver this omnichannel approach to customer service in a more flexible, and cost-effective way.

Digital Transformation Driven by Customer Experience

For most businesses today, the success of a digital transformation relies on their ability to respond quickly and effectively to the changing needs of their customers. /unified-communications/ucaas and CCaaS is a way for companies of all shapes and sizes to access this versatility. After all, when technology is delivered over the cloud, firms like Pharmacy2U can access the latest technology, on a pay-as-you-go model, without having to worry about managing their back-end technology.

The flexibility of “as a service” deployments mean that specialist businesses without an extensive investment in IT, don’t have to compromise on delivering an exceptional customer experience. As , Andy Williams said, RingCentral gives them an “industry proven platform” for adding unified communications to their business environment.

RingCentral’s “as a service” contact centre gives people accessing Pharmacy2U the opportunity to choose the method they prefer for communication, whether its voice, chat, SMS, or email. The platform even comes with additional features like smart routing and self-service options to help accelerate the customer journey in the today’s fast-paced digital world.

Pharmacy2U Cures Its Communication Problems

Through a contact centre as a service platform, combined with unified communication and collaboration services like RingCentral Glip, Pharmacy2U has created a cohesive internal and external communication strategy. Pharmacy2U believes that their new infrastructure will allow them to drive efficiency in the business, unlock the real potential of digital transformation, and deliver the experiences their customers crave.

In a press release about the announcement, the Regional VP of Enterprise Sales, Steven Rafferty, said that RingCentral is proud to support Pharmacy2U in creating an even more flexible platform for their customers.


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