Powered by IP Office from Avaya – Review

Exploring the benefits of "Powered by IP Office"

Powered by IP Office from Avaya – Review

Digital technology innovator and communication expert, Avaya has always had a strong focus on supporting and enhancing their channel partner community. Through thick and thin, the Avaya network has stayed strong, highlighting the potential and perseverance of the brand. Today, companies who want to give their clients a faster and more straightforward transition into hybrid cloud can embrace the benefits of “Powered by IP Office.”

This service offers the scalable, feature-rich and efficient Avaya IP Office experience that customers have come to expect. The only difference is that Avaya is hosting the service in the cloud, or in a hybrid model, ideal for mid-size customers.

Let’s see what you can accomplish with the Powered by IP Office solution for unified communication and collaboration.

Features & Benefits

The Powered by IP Office service was designed explicitly for Avaya users en route to the cloud, and makes the most of all the flexibility it has to offer. As digitall transforming busiesses continue to search for more accessible, cost-effective ways to move ther comms into the cloud, Avaya provides a customisable hybrid strategy, ideal for businesses from any background.

You can:

  • Access the versatility of the hybrid cloud from Avaya: Your Avaya supplying partner hosts fully-featured UC solutions and contact centres on the cloud, to give you the most flexible, and suitable avenues to digital transformation
  • Offer exceptional reliability: With Powered by IP Office, you have acces to he latest innovative architecture and cloud solutions in a range of environments.
  • Scale on demand: Because you’ll have Avaya’s IP Office platform available to you in an “as a service” format, you’ll be able to scale the solutions up and down according to the needs of your business. Adding new capabilities based on need is easier than ever

The simplicity of the “powered by” framework, and the fact that the IP Office is the same on-premises or in the cloud means that it’s easy to choose a transition path to the cloud.

Tech Specs

As a hosted version of IP Office, the “Powered By” service features the same technical specifications for end-users as the standard IP Office, including:

  • Scale of between 5 and 3,000 users
  • Connectivity for up to 150 IP Office Systems
  • Third-party integrations with TAPILink Lite, Pro, and DevLink Pro
  • Support for SIP/IP, analogue, digital, and softphones, as well as DECT devices and conference room phones

Target Market & Regional Availability

Powered by IP Office is a globally available service, hosted and branded by Avaya partners.

Some of the partners across the globe that have already begun supplying tailored Powered by IP Office soltuions include:

  • Westcon’s UCaaS solution powered by IP Office for customers in Canada and the US
  • The SYNNEX Corporation hosted solution based on Avaya IP Office technology
  • ScanSource CloudSolutions Powered by Avaya IP Office and hosted by GreenCloud Technologies
  • The ACG Networks Avaya cloud-based UC solution in India for small to mid-sized businesses
  • The Six Degrees Group in the UK is offering UC powered by IP Office for small to mid-sized businesses through their own network as an Avaya Connect Platinum Partner

How to Buy & Pricing

Pricing for Powered by IP Office depends on the services you need. You must contact your desired Avaya partner for pricing as it may vary, depending on elements selected, business size, etc.

FAQ and Useful Insights

Avaya’s Powered by IP Office solution could be the ideal option for channel partners looking for a flexible and cost-effective way to help their clients embrace the cloud. As more SMBs turn towards disruptive technology to set themselves apart from the crowd, powered by IP office gives channel partners an easy way to demonstrate their value.

Q: What are the Benefits of the as-a-service model?

A: Powered by IP Office helps you to take advantage of the modern market’s growing demand for cloud-hosted services. The as-a-service model means that you can access all the Avaya solutions you need, without hosting them in your own environment. This is ideal for companies with a limited budget.

Q: Who Hosts Powered by IP Office?

A: Avaya’s Powered By service is hosted by your supplying Avaya partner. Nothing to host on your premises, other than physical endpoints.


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AvatarCory Shehan 05:10, 01 Oct 2018

Hello, just a quick update on this as the information you have for ScanSource is incorrect…

“ScanSource Catalyst with cloud solutions Powered by Avaya IP Office and hosted by ViaWest” should read “ScanSource CloudSolutions Powered by Avaya IP Office”. Our hosting provider for the past 2+ years has been GreenCloud Technologies, not ViaWest.

Here is our website so you can review our current offer: https://www.scansourcecatalyst.com/en/brands/avaya/products/cloud/scansource-cloudsolutions

Any questions feel free to contact our group at AvayaCloud@scansourcecatalyst.com. Thanks,

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