Out Loud: Big Predictions from RingCentral at UC EXPO

We get an update on RingCentral's UC EXPO and then hear more about the comms industry from their perspective

Out Loud: Big Predictions from RingCentral at UC EXPO

Both Curtis Peterson who is Engineering, Operations and Product Technology Executive at RingCentral and their Chief Strategy Officer Praful Shah join Patrick in today’s episode which was recorded at UC EXPO 2018.

Firstly Patrick and Curtis discuss UC EXPO 2018 and explore RingCentral’s main drivers for attending the event and if they have noticed any changes from previous years.

Curtis then explains more about RingCentral’s event news where they have announced a host of new SD-WAN partners that they will be working with to optimise their proposition.

Praful then joins Patrick and explains why they are approached by so many customers at events like UC EXPO.

Patrick and Praful then move on to discuss how much the iPhone changed the global market in mobile communications and now a similar development is taking place with business phone systems. He believe RingCentral’s smart phone systems offer another host of benefits to customers over the more legacy systems available.

“We are a $600 million growing at over 34%. We are more than twice as large as any other cloud provider.”

Patrick then asks Praful to consider the future of the communications landscape, if you compare the market in 1998 to now in 2018 and then try to imagine it in 2038.

“All the legacy guys, whether its Avaya, whether its Cisco, whether its ShoreTel, Mitel – they are all shrinking so fast”

Praful then compares the change now in the cloud market to the revolution that occurred on induction of the smart phone.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guests Craig Peterson and Praful Shah.

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AvatarTim Banting 10:06, 01 Jun 2018

You can’t cross a chasm in two small steps. I think traditional UC vendors that have a premises-based legacy are having a hard time as the market, in general, transitions to a cloud-based model. Different business models, different customer requirements, different sort of channel partners all make it a very hard transition.

A big, bold step is needed to move your company to where the market is going. It’s going to be painful for those that feel they can support both premises-based and cloud at the same time. Hybrid seems more of a stepping stone rather than a long-term model.

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