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The EU Keeps One Foot on the Ground as Cloud Soars say Cavell

Cavell research suggests the EU is still wary of cloud

The EU Keeps One Foot on the Ground as Cloud Soars say Cavell

In recent years, the cloud has emerged as perhaps the ultimate enabler of richer, more agile communications. Only on the cloud can companies access the scalability and versatility they need for rapid innovation and transformation. 74% of CFOs believe that cloud strategies will have the biggest impact on their business operations in the age of DX.

Like any revolution throughout history, the path to cloud has its hurdles. Notably, as the benefits of cloud continue to emerge, many organisations have remained loyal to their on-premises, on-the-ground solutions for communications.

Cavell’s recent report into European Cloud Communications demonstrates the current state of our multi-national transition into new technology.

The Latest Cavell Research on “Cloud”

The Cavell Group, a leader in business research and transformative insights, recently published their European Cloud Comms study. The report suggests that by 2021, we will see more than 20,000,000 cloud users across Europe – approximately double the number of cloud adopters in the EU today.

This is great news for advocates of cloud, and more evidence to support the idea that cloud computing popularity is accelerating in the age of digital transformation. Cavell believes that one of the many reasons for the rising adoption of cloud will be the trend of globalisation. In recent years, communities across the world have begun to reject the idea of geographical borders, with businesses spreading across nationalities and timelines to deliver next-level services around the world.

Many service providers are now following suit, seeking to offer their solutions throughout various European companies at once. For many, this phenomenal growth comes from merges and acquisitions, explaining the climate of consolidation that we’ve seen ever since the beginning of 2017. Countless large and mid-sized companies have begun to join, combining their strengths to suit an ever-more demanding marketplace.

Combine this trend for globalisation with the rising demand for things like remote working and the digital workforce, and it’s easy to see that cloud is the ultimate enabler of next-level business experience. What’s more, the adoption of SD-WAN has further catalysed the enablement of new cloud services.

So, what’s the problem?

The Only Way Is Up? Maybe Not!

Unfortunately, while there are groups out there that are keen to adopt the rapid acceleration of cloud and take advantage of the innovation that scalable and flexible technology can bring, not everyone shares this passion for cloud. Indeed, Cavell’s research showed that the popularity of cloud is focused in more mature markets like the UK and Holland, where innovative technology is a driving consideration in the growth of many businesses.

On the other hand, in other European countries like Belgium and Italy, growth levels have faltered somewhat, with various organisations choosing to maintain their connections to the ground and keep their companies heads’ officially out of the clouds.

According to Cavell, it’s locations like France and Germany that are helping to ease the transition into cloud with the arrival of new incumbents like Deutsche Telekom solutions, while additional markets like the UK, Portugal, and Switzerland are set to reach a little over 20% penetration for cloud services. The Netherlands has a particularly impressive growth path ahead, with Cavell predictions suggesting it will achieve around 46% penetration by the end of 2023.

Cloud is Soaring: Is it Time to Get on Board?

It’s safe to say that the possibilities and potential of cloud are growing more compelling every day. Cloud communications has become a major driver of innovation within Europe, with many businesses making the move into a more streamlined and agile format. However, as with any technology, it’s difficult for cloud to achieve a 100% adoption rate.

Despite what some cloud advocates might suggest, the only way isn’t necessarily up. The communications market always has been and continues to be a diverse landscape, with countless opportunities to explore and consider. For some organisations, the best solution will be to simply remain “on the floor,” for others, a hybrid approach combining on-premises and in-the-cloud services may be most appealing.

The chances are that we’ll continue to see more movement towards cloud in the markets that begin to embrace disruptive new technologies like artificial intelligence, mobility, and team collaboration. However, it seems that there’s no pre-set path that any organisation must take or a set pace for how quickly they need to embrace cloud technology.

Cloud is here, it’s ready, and it’s got a lot to offer. It’s up to you if you embrace it.


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