The Real Value of UCaaS

Core speaks to a need for user-centred collaboration and communication for business transformation

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The Real Value of UCaaS

Businesses invest in technology for many reasons, but it always comes back to the intention to improve or change a business outcome. Communication technologies like UC and collaboration platforms are no different, and are chosen to facilitate efficient and productive ways of working between users, customers and partners.

Technology facilitates the process and is a part of the story, but to choose it well you need to understand what you want to achieve, align your processes and ensure users engage with technology to realise the desired business outcome.

Starting with the required outcome helps you avoid the fragmentation and confusion that so easily arises, when many different tools offer similar and overlapping functionality. Simply deploying the “latest” technology into a business rarely results in immediate productivity gains and greater employee satisfaction, and an increase in shadow IT is causing a real-time risk to every business. Having a secure environment is now the number one priority, as the demand for increasing productivity and growth, and the threat of potential attack, is increasing security spending.

Now more than any other time, it is impossible to overstate the value of everyone being connected: being able to access the data and resources they need when they need it.

UCaaS for the connected future

Until recently, business communications predominantly consisted of phones and email which were mainly on-premise (contained in a single building or company). However, the communication needs of today’s businesses and users have changed dramatically, even before the ‘new normal’ of the remote work revolution.

UCaaS technology has the power to transform the way users communicate and collaborate, but this can only be realised if users willingly change the way they work. And users will only change the way they work if they are aware of the benefits – time savings, efficiency gains, streamlined ways of working. This is where a change project can bring end users on a journey to adopt to a new way of working.

Core have seen time and again that by placing people at the heart of technology-facilitated change, cultural barriers that threaten a project’s success can be broken down.

When introduced appropriately, UCaaS can cut through organisational and geographical barriers to give people the freedom to work together in new and dynamic ways. But adoption programmes and an appropriately planned and deployed digital infrastructure aren’t enough; the environment must be reliable, and able to operate with maximum levels of efficiency over the long term.

Microsoft Teams: the new ‘digital workspace’ through a single-pane-of-glass

The current global COVID-19 situation is forcing a cultural change to the way we work, and we need to find digital ways of replacing everything people miss about the traditional workplace they cannot currently occupy.

For this reason Microsoft Teams is winning the hearts and minds of users, business leaders and security experts, is in its ability to seamlessly integrate a suite of communications and collaboration apps into an enterprise-grade digital front door to the business. Customers, staff and partners have a single-entry point to access the tools and services they need, securely and efficiently, because at its heart, Microsoft Teams is built on a foundation of security.

Digital transformation has always been a dynamic process, and 2020 has seen the pace accelerate beyond all anticipation. But the kind of workstyle innovations we are seeing today will continue to evolve into tomorrow, and there is little chance of a slowdown in disruptive competitors, operating models or technologies.

Smart businesses don’t just recognise this; they plan for and embrace change.

Core know how Teams as a UCaaS solution can add value within a business environment, with many of our customers realising benefits that go far beyond initial expectations. 

Understanding the interconnected relationships between people and technology, and bringing those two worlds together, they help customers realise the true value, increased productivity and improved collaboration that connected communications deliver – now and into the future.

Challenge Core to build your roadmap to an advanced collaborative working environment, with better access to services and faster outcomes using a Microsoft enabled cloud-first environment.



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