Transforming UCaaS with PGi GlobalMeet

PGi reimagines the UCaaS environment

Transforming UCaaS with PGi GlobalMeet

Business communications provider, PGi, recently introduced their latest solution to help people connect and collaborate in the modern cloud environment. An impressive Unified Communications as a Service solution is now offered through the GlobalMeet platform, along with expanded capabilities for smart collaboration. Artificial Intelligence enhancements will help users to boost productivity and save time with the help of automation.

The UCaaS solution comes to customers via PGi’s global carrier-grade audio network. GlobalMeet is the platform that PGi’s collaboration services are built on, and it provides solutions to businesses in search of high-level voice communications. Through GlobalMeet, customers can access intelligence cloud voice services, and business messaging. It’s even possible to replace the legacy PBX with a fully consolidated cloud solution.

The UCaaS GlobalMeet Upgrade

Access to GlobalMeet UCaaS capabilities is still in Beta throughout the US, with general availability set for the second quarter of 2019. International expansion is also planned for later in 2019.

According to the CEO of PGi, Don Joos, the company is excited to be bringing a new GlobalMeet upgrade into the market, to improve the way that businesses interact. Better UCaaS offerings mean that customers can become more productive, with a new generation of communication system that delivers more productivity and efficiency in the workplace. With guidance from the PGi customer support team, GlobalMeet will help people to collaborate, communicate, and be more productive.

In a press release, managing partner at Recon Research, Ira M. Weinstein, said that PGi is offering a compelling combination to customers, which includes an established global network, and a team of excellent support professionals. The assets that PGi has to offer means that the company has earned the loyalty of customers around the world. Organisations in need of a UCaaS solution with productivity features backed by a proven provider may benefit from the new and improved GlobalMeet.

Intelligent Collaboration Via GlobalMeet

GlobalMeet’s smart collaboration enhancements will also help businesses to address the challenges faced by employees when attempting to orchestrate effective meetings. With artificial intelligence and data analytics, GlobalMeet can offer insights and recommendations that empower modern employees. For instance, features include:

  • GlobalMeet Widget: The widget addresses the multi-tasking issue during meetings and provides access to key functionality and features, even when the GlobalMeet screen is minimised. This means that team members can work while in a meeting
  • Live transcripts and summaries: Summaries and meeting transcripts allow viewers to quickly scan through a conference to find details they might have missed
  • Recording reminders: Reminders keep employees on track after a meeting by capturing useful information and following up on progress
  • Active directory integrations: integrations with Office 365 offer useful calendar awareness so hosts can stop wasting time by identifying who is available and who is in a meeting

More information on the UCaaS GlobalMeet platform is available on the PGi website today.



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