Unify Make Marketing Friendly Again

Unify set to change the stigma of Unified Comms marketing

Unify Make Marketing Friendly Again

As New Year’s resolutions go, Unify making marketing friendly has to be a stand out one. Being a challenge, realistic and a real game-changer for the industry, turning the Unified Comms industry into a friendly marketed one massively stood out. In her blog, Rebecca Ellis, Marketing Manager, UKI, Unify noted her personal New Year’s resolutions to include:

  1. Create more digital and interactive content
  2. Get more personalised

Marketing to the person, not the business

When I spoke to Rebecca about how her personal resolutions and the Unify marketing strategy overlapped, it was refreshingly similar.

“The workUtopia campaign and our partner strategy are all about enabling our partners to market more effectively with campaigns that are more interactive, digital, and based around story and emotion”

If you’re familiar with Mad Men, you’ll recall Don Draper coming up with this crazy idea that behind every business is a human. Not just a decision-maker that you need to break down several barriers to gain access to, but an actual human with interests and family as well as business goals to hit and business issues to remedy. Now, Mad Men might not be the best example to reconstruct in Unified Comms, but thinking about the human will go along way. And it’s been a long time in the Unified Comms industry since I can recall anything particularly personal.

Digital and interactive

Rebecca Ellis

Rebecca Ellis

There is, and always will be, a need for traditional marketing. However, the mentality of “Let’s do an event” or “Let’s send emails until they have to call us” is not one employed at Unify. By creating engaging content, Unify customers and prospects are currently enjoying finding how best to shape their business around their collaboration habits. By answering an interactive quiz around their preferred style of working, workUtopia can suggest your collaboration persona, who you work with best and how to get the most out of your collaboration stack.

In order to reach peak productivity, from small business to enterprise, you must first identify your personas. Identifying personas has long been part of the marketing strategy in Unified Comms players. I have sat around tables, hovered at whiteboards and listened into countless conference calls where specialists have suggested what people want and how people work. Creating content that is enjoyable to read, helps you shape your business and identifies what technology you might need to procure, you are empowering the end user to dictate how they want to work – rather than telling them what they need.

Creating the products of tomorrow

Unify wants to create the product of tomorrow. Gaining first-hand knowledge from Unified Comms users, buyers and enthusiasts, Unify will put themselves in a Unique position where they know exactly what the customer needs and how they work.

Exciting times for me as a marketing bod in the Unified Comms arena. Especially exciting times for Unify who will have gained no end of information about what their customers genuinely need. But, most importantly, incredibly exciting times for Unified Comms buyers. By finding how to achieve your workUtopia, you are putting your business several steps ahead of your competition by sourcing the best tech for your business.

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Ian TaylorIan Taylor 15:47, 07 Feb 2019

“Marketing to the person” – that’s spot on for me!

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