Vonage Introduces New Partner Program

New VAR and Distribution Partner Program

Vonage Introduces New Partner Program

Vonage has launched a new distribution and VAR partner program with guidance from new Director of National Distributors, Matthew Alexander (pictured, above). Matthew joined the Vonage team after working as regional sales director for Cato Networks. Before that, he was the CoreSite East director of channels.

Last year, leading communications company Vonage revealed a new logo and brand update as a B2B SaaS company. Now, Matthew Alexander is working on building stronger partnerships with some of the leading VARs in the country, allowing them to sell all aspects of Vonage ‘s platform for cloud communications.

Building on New Opportunities with Vonage

Alexander revealed that he joined Vonage because he believed he would have an excellent opportunity to build a distribution strategy at a dynamic company with the power to redefine communications. Vonage’s exceptional technology stacks in CC, UC, and communication APIs give it a lot of power in the industry. The company is also the only provider in the space to offer a fully integrated communications system.

Alexander’s new role will require him to oversee and guide the launch of the new national distribution program from Vonage, which focuses on educating national partners on the offering that Vonage can provide, and how they can use it to make communications more flexible and personal.

Matthew noted that Vonage has always had strong relationships with the VARs through master-agent partnerships. The channel program will allow Vonage to place a significant focus on strengthening the relationships that already exist and giving those partners the education they need to thrive.

Creating a New Partner Program

According to Alexander, the thing that prompted the need for the new program was the fact that VARs are now rapidly transforming their business operations to support customers during periods of digital transformation. VARs are adding next-generation IT solutions into the mix, to keep up with the ever-evolving needs of customers, and new technology.

As VARs and partners continue to transform the way that they support their customers, it’s important for these groups to have more roadmaps in place for guiding the path to cloud. Alexander and Vonage will be delivering a foundation that will allow strategic VARs to sell with Vonage sales teams. The company will also be adding more dedicated resources to the channel team to help with strategies for pre and post-sales too.

The next phase of the program will allow certified VAR partners to resell cloud communication tools to their customers. Feedback from Vonage VARs so far has been overwhelmingly positive. By the end of the year, Matthew hopes to have successfully launched the partner program, and given VARs the goals and guidance they need to achieve success.


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