Vonage for NetSuite Achieves “Built for NetSuite” Status

Addressing the NetSuite Development Standards and Best Practices

Vonage for NetSuite Achieves “Built for NetSuite” Status

Leading cloud communications provider, Vonage recently revealed that their impressive Vonage for NetSuite App, which is powered through gUnify, achieved the status of “Built for NetSuite”. The Vonage application was designed to help customers at an enterprise level improve the efficiency level within their sales organisation solutions, and enhance customer experience by syncing customer interaction data into NetSuite workflows.

So, what does being “Built for NetSuite” actually mean?

In simple terms, the “Built for NetSuite” program was created for the NetSuite “SuiteCloud” developer network, providing partners with resources, information, and methods to verify that applications and integrations designed with the NetSuite computing platform were created according to NetSuite’s best practice standards. The “Built for NetSuite” acknowledgement should give NetSuite customers the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’re accessing the highest possible standards.

What Does the Vonage App Do?

The Vonage for NetSuite application enables professionals in the sales environment to seamlessly connect with NetSuite, and exchange information. This means that Vonage Business customers using NetSuite can effortlessly track crucial client information and business workflow requirements by gaining access to important customer data in real-time. The SuiteApp will also allow employees to maintain ongoing business presence from anywhere – either in-office or on the go.

Vonage is using their NetSuite SuiteApp to provide businesses with the resources they need to improve productivity and efficiency for their employees. By providing them with solutions to ensure connectivity regardless of where, or how they work, Vonage is driving better business outcomes for customers, according to Chief Revenue Officer, Kenny Wyatt. As a NetSuite partner, Vonage is expanding on their gUnify technology and providing a more flexible, mobile, and practical solution to growing business needs in the enterprise space.

Simple Connectivity for Enterprise Clients

The Vonage portfolio of high-level cloud communication solutions is offering enterprise businesses the opportunity to connect seamlessly with an often distributed and large sales force. It’s no longer a problem for businesses to work across multiple locations, according to the SuiteCloud Developer at Oracle NetSuite, Guido Haarmans. With the SuiteApp, customers will be able to:

  • Track activity history and create searchable notes on that history
  • Receive incoming call notifications with real-time insights into the NetSuite contact directory
  • Capture call logs regardless of device used
  • Make calls directly within NetSuite, rather than launching separate applications

Additional features include outbound and inbound screen pop ups with decline, answer, or voicemail options, as well as dashboard, note-taking, and reporting features.



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