VOSS Solutions Extends Management of Avaya Systems

VOSS offers Avaya update and Fast Start Workshop

VOSS Solutions Extends Management of Avaya Systems

VOSS Solutions, a leading communication brand, chose Avaya’s ENGAGE event to announce that it has extended its range of Avaya solution management services. A new update to the VOSS-4-UC offering adds integrated management of Microsoft Teams solutions. This means that companies with an Avaya UC network will be able to unlock the benefits of Microsoft Teams while maintaining their Avaya investment.

This is just one of the latest updates to come from VOSS solutions as part of the Avaya ENGAGE conference. The enhancement will mean that companies can now accomplish more than ever with the VOSS-4-UC experience for aligning communication tools, networks, and devices. Businesses hoping to embrace the benefits of both Avaya voice, and Microsoft Teams collaboration can now do so from a single-pane-of-glass.

VOSS-4-UC systems for Avaya give users a comprehensive range of controls for managing everything from numbers, devices, services, and more.

Building on a Powerful Portfolio

New Microsoft Teams LogoThe VOSS-4-UC experience already offers management solutions for existing Avaya UC systems through a state-of-the-art web portal. Bill Dellara, the VP for Product at VOSS, said that the update is an exciting opportunity for Avaya users that have rejected the idea of installing a UC management strategy in the past, but now want to use collaboration apps like Microsoft Teams.

VOSS-4-UC can help to make combining Microsoft and Avaya quick and easy. Businesses will now have comprehensive control of Avaya applications for UC and CC, as well as a single point of control for Microsoft Teams. The solution also builds on existing Microsoft E3 licenses, which helps to keep the costs associated with licensing to a minimum. This new solution built on top of the existing VOSS-4-UC offering enables full flexibility for today’s evolving businesses.

Providing a single view of all of your UC applications, servers, network infrastructure, and crucial endpoints, VOSS-4-UC, can make managing a full UC stack a lot easier for today’s digitally transforming companies. The addition of Microsoft Teams integration into the VOSS-4-UC experience means that companies can easily manage their UC and collaboration stack in an aligned environment. With Direct Routing from Microsoft, VOSS can extend the mature functionality and call control of Avaya Enterprise Voice and PSTN breakout solutions into the Microsoft environment.

What’s more, VOSS Solutions also announced at the Avaya ENGAGE conference, that it would be providing visitors with an opportunity to take part in a fast start workshop. This solution will help attendees to improve the operations of their UC environments that use an Avaya solution. It can also help companies keen to combine the Avaya and Microsoft environments to discover the benefits of their new solution.

The Avaya Fast Start Solution

VOSS announced that it would be providing a free fast start Avaya management discovery workshop for three companies. The offer included a collaborative on-site meeting and proof of concept. VOSS promised to bring a team of operational experts to the table in a meeting with UC stakeholders at the company, to better understand the requirements and challenges of the businesses involved.

Bill Dellara

Bill Dellara

Additionally, VOSS noted that it would use the information gathered during the collaborative meeting to provide a report with a series of recommendations for the company’s UC environment. The report would explain the crucial steps that the company could take to enhance its communication environment. What’s more, VOSS’s documentation would also explain how the VOSS product suite would impact the business going forward.

To sign up for the chance to get a free fast-start solution and workshop, companies needed to visit the VOSS both at the Avaya ENGAGE conference. Additionally, there were a few criteria to consider. For instance, the company needed at least 2,500 seats and needed to be actively planning to address challenges in managing its UC solutions.

The offer also included a discounted introductory package for the elements of the VOSS product suite required by the evaluated companies. Companies that missed out on the chance to get the free fast-start solution at ENGAGE can still reach out to VOSS solution for help and guidance implementing Avaya solutions, including Avaya UC systems that integrate with Microsoft Teams.

The latest news from VOSS was just a portion of the exciting announcements to be made at Avaya ENGAGE. To find out what happened at the event, check out our full coverage here at UC Today.


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